Want a body like Cindy Crawford’s?

9fb087acae66ac944361d749f6d7cb77There I am, cheerfully going about my daily shower routine, merrily slapping on a body cream post-towelling, when I read that Cindy Crawford uses body oil on her gloriously bronzed, all-American girl (still) limbs. Now, you have to be thinking, ‘If it’s good enough for Cindy… And have you, btw, checked out how ah-may-zing she looks?’

I digress. What I’m talking about here is body oil. Having previously dismissed it as a slippery, tricky little customer, I have recently discovered that oil is a far simpler and just-as-effective post-shower moisturiser than a rich cream. I’ve been merrily slathering my bump with Neom’s Cocooning Body Oil and   Bloom & Blossom’s Anti Stretch Mark Oil, both day and night. But why stop there? Do as Cindy does and cover yourself with the unctuous oil. Okay, so perfect limbs are not guaranteed, but at least you’ll have the Cindy Sheen.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment by Sarah Chapman, from £49

There’s body oil and there’s a cutting-edge oil which is a little like a spa treatment in a bottle. Supercharged with a list of impressive ingredients to improve skin’s tone and firmness whilst you sleep. Genius.

Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment by Sarah Chapman, from £49

Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment by Sarah Chapman, from £49

Palmer’s Coca Butter Skin Therapy Oil, £9.99

When I was first pregnant I could not bear the smell of cocoa butter. Usually I love its chocolatey goodness (anything which reminds me of chocolate has to be a good thing) – nd this is a big bottle of goodness: brilliant for dry skin, stretchmarks and it’s an absolute steal. It’s best applied to slightly damp, shower-fresh skin – wait a little (or wrap yourself up in a towel to let it soak in) before getting dressed. (We also like the Moisturizing Oil, too.)

This Works Skin Deep Golden Elixir, £45

The elixir of youth, perhaps? This antioxidant serum packs a potent punch. With clary sage, rose, aloe vera, chamomile and actual gold it stimulates, relaxes and soothes – and it promises to age-proof your skin. It’s a big promise, but we love This Works products – and they tend to, you know, work. I am also slightly in the love with the idea of a golden gleam.

Neom Organics Tranquility Body Oil, £30

There are so many things to love about Neom. The fact their products are organic, for a start. The quality of the ingredients. This Tranquility oil blends lavender, sweet basil and jasmine – and smells utterly divine. It’s also incredibly nourishing – just a little bit goes a long way. Dry skin will lap this up – as will stressed out, tired heads. Super soothing.

Burts Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil, £10.99

Maybe it’s being pregnant, but I’m much more conscious of what I put on my body these days. I am a devoted of fan of Burts Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash – the smell now inextricably linked with my little girl’s bathtime. This Mama Bee oil is all-natural, with almond oil and lemon – it smells delicious (and your conscience will be organic and pure, too!)

Image: Simon Upton for Madison, December 2012



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