We apologise for the delay to your usual service…

b9721e67319ea4c8ee63b088f8e66ebaAre you wondering, ‘Where on earth IS my daily dose of W&W?’ (Well, we like to think you might be…) We apologise. Alex has been travelling back from a weekend away (more of which in a later post) – all the while indisposed. I, meanwhile, have – rather fabulously – been trekking around the country to interview a brilliant actress – only to find myself at the mercy of trains on the way back. There was a moment when it was like Carry On Up The Railway: “This train will be stopping at ALL stations to London… No, no it won’t. It will be stopping at TWO stations on the way to… Actually, no, it’ll just go to London.”

In short – neither of us could possibly post. But normal service will resume tomorrow. Promise.

Image: Vogue Australia



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