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When boutique children’s site Alex & Alexa invited us to join their Collective, we were v flattered to be asked, and then jumped at the chance.

You can read our first contributions on their lifestyle blog now. You can read Alex’s Sanity Secret (she is very good at remaining sane in the face of four children) here and I wrote a letter to myself as a mama-to-be. Which made me cry. I should possibly have added the caveat that it is entirely normal if your children drive you bananas at time, but then I came over all misty-eyed and choked up and had to go and peek at my sleeping children and forgot. Because it is entirely true that, if I could, I would stuff my children with love. And, as I write, I shall take my own advice that tomorrow is a new start ( for today has been a grumbly, moany, teething kind of day…). Particularly because as you read this I shall be on a beach in Cornwall during the heatwave (*crosses fingers and toes*)…

Look out for more from us on AACollection soon.



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