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We want to live here: Georgie Soskin’s beautiful London home


Georgie Soskin’s home is the perfect mix of style and practicality, bought when Georgie and her husband Fred were a couple and now home to their three children. As trained chef and co-founder of Cooking Them Healthy, the utterly brilliant website dedicated to healthy and delicious family eating (the Supercharged section dedicated to the foods needed for immune-boosting, skin-nourishing, respiratory health etc is incredibly useful), Georgie, unsurprisingly, loves her kitchen. Where she feeds her family, entertains friends and, of course, tests out new recipes for Cooking Them Healthy, it really is the hub of their home.

“We’ve lived in the house for 5 1/2 years and when we moved in we thought it was gigantic and now 3 children later…well…not so much!” She laughs. Filled with “an eclectic mix of old and new”, Georgie says that, “I have always loved glossy mags and have torn things out and kept them aside along the way. I guess from doing that I kind of developed my style, and my likes and dis-likes. Overall, I’ve always been drawn to lots of colour and light.”

Take a peek inside here…


The Living Room

“Having a double reception can be quite tricky as only one side of it is ever really used efficiently. I wanted the TV side to be a more grown up space and the other end of the living room to be a quiet zone for the children – hence no big toys, just the lego table and a few board games. It has worked really well and when I want a bit of quiet in the kitchen, I move them next door and they fiddle away with lego together.

“I LOVE colour, especially really bright ones like pinks, oranges and greens – the vibrant colours you often find in India. When you have little children you spend most of your life indoors feeding, changing, letting them sleep etc, so I find the bursts of colour I have around the house are great ways of giving me energy and visual inspiration.

The chair is upholstered in a fabric from Malabar (I saw it at a friend’s house and stole the idea. It always makes me happy looking at it, although I am amazed that it hasn’t been trashed yet). The walls are painted in Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball and the cushions are a real mix of bits I have picked up along the way. A few are from Zara Living, one from The Cross and a couple lovingly hand sewn by both our mothers. The ottoman was a huge success as we got it on ebay for £50 – really satisfying!


The Kitchen

“We did our side return and we love the space we have created. It took about 3 months from start to finish and we lived through it. I had a one year old, was pregnant and we only had our bedroom to live in…put it this way – I was really pleased when it was over!

I wanted a feeling of calm and I am a sucker for straight lines and no clutter. The kitchen is the heart of the house and being a cook it really is the place I am in all the time, so I wanted it to feel like a happy, positive space to be.

We used to have a dining room table in our living room, which worked really well. However, as the children started getting older we wanted a proper table in the kitchen (there used to be a sofa in there instead), so we moved things around. All the entertaining is done in the kitchen and it seems to work well and makes everything feel less formal and more relaxed.

The lights are from Holloways of Ludlow. The bench is from Susan Osbourne on the Golborne Road and the kitchen units are all Ikea, but we got nice handles and fittings from Nu-line in Notting Hill, with a bespoke wooden work top made locally.


Georgie’s Bedroom

“When we first moved in we knocked two tiny bedrooms and a bathroom together to create our bedroom and bathroom. We wanted to create a safe haven to return to at the end of long days. I love my baths so much, so our bathroom was a pretty big deal. The window worked as the perfect place to put the bath below and I love that we have tiles all the way around the bath, so I can put my shampoo and products there. The bath is massive which I love and funnily enough pretty much all 3 children have nearly been born in it! I threaten my husband that if we move, the bath comes too…

Originally we planned to have large frosted glass doors both sides of the bedroom leading into the bathroom but we couldn’t afford it and now looking back, they would have looked terrible! It’s so much nicer being open. Plus, our boys use it as a race track pretty much every bath time. As long as I can have the most amount of light in a room I am happy – light makes all the difference to me, especially when the UK can be so grey. 


The Boys’ Room

The boys love sharing and it’s always worked really well. We have an intercom in their room so we can hear them and I love listening to them chatting up there in the mornings.

The swing is from Ikea. When we first got it they went totally mad, but now they just chill out on it, often in the evenings. If it gets in the way we just hang it up. Its lots of fun and can support an adult too!


The Nursery

This room is a lot more pink than it used to be, but otherwise its pretty much the same and it has a wonderful light in it.


If you would like to rent Georgie’s home for a few months from February next year, please email georgiesoskin@hotmail.com.

IMAGES: Emma Lewis

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