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We want to live here: Leonora Bamford’s stunning London home

120918_B_0174One of the things Natasha and I love most about Wear & Where is our We Want to Live Here feature. Although, who doesn’t love discovering and looking at beautiful houses? This week’s slice of interiors-gorgeousness belongs to the lovely Leonora Bamford and her husband George, who live in London with their two children and two dogs. Leonora, the founder of My Baba, is not only an expert on all things related to motherhood (just check out her site and you’ll see), but also brilliant when it comes to sourcing original pieces for her home – and she has quite possibly the most gorgeous dressing room I’ve ever seen. Jealous? You will be…

“I’m quite simple when it comes to interiors,” says Leonora. “I love white walls with a pop of colour and I also love hunting for gems to jazz up each room. I shop pretty much everywhere from Ikea and Habitat to markets around the world. I love finding one-offs that have a history.”

The Kitchen

120918_B_0198120918_B_0195“I really wanted the kitchen to be a hub for the home. I pretty much grew up in our kitchen and for me, it’s the most important room of the house. I love the table, which was made using an old tube map (from Retrouvius) and the chairs, which remind me of my childhood.  I’d love to see our children doing their homework around the kitchen table in a few years time. We spend a lot of time in here. I’m mad about cooking, as are the children, and we spend hours cooking, playing and talking about food!”

“My husband George used to be a photographer and the pictures on the wall are ones that he shot for Daylesford Organic. I fell in love with them and asked him to print my favourites for the kitchen. The only problem is that they make me hungry! My favourite is of a cappuccino with sprinkles of chocolate and a cookie balancing on it.”

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Central Line tube map, £950+VAT, Retrouvius; Jackson pendant light, £59, Made.com; Hand-painted Windsor chairs, £225+VAT and paint, Howe London

The Living Room


“We really wanted a warm room to snuggle up in and I love it, it’s almost cocoon like. We spend a lot of time in here and it’s probably the most grown up room in the house. Philip Hooper, an amazing interior designer, persuaded me to go for a ‘Coca Cola’ wall, which is varnished a billion times to create the mirror-like feel. It’s very tactile, and you always want to run your hand over it.”

The Loo


“The walls are covered in blackboard paint, which you can get at any hardware store. This is definitely down to my husband George who had one in his bachelor pad and it worked really well. There’s something so cool about finding notes from friends, days after they’ve been over and the kids adore drawing on it. The light is just a simple bulb mounted behind the mirror. It looks a bit like a halo and is a nice light for a bathroom, not too harsh. The picture on the wall was taken by Norman Parkinson. We’re mad about him.”

The Landing


“We’re really lucky to have wide corridors and we wanted the landing to feel like a gallery space. We don’t have much art in the house, just photography. George got the lamps in the Ralph Lauren sale when he lived in New York over a decade ago and the console table is an old ‘Parson’s’ table. I found the gigantic cog mirror from an antiques shop on Church Street market. It’s one of my favourite pieces and it fits the space with about 2mm to spare.  The builders didn’t love me for it.”

The Playroom


“This room took me a long time to figure out and we’re always changing the set-up. It’s such a fun room and we spend many happy hours having fun in here.  It’s so easy and relaxed and we have great cupboard space to hide things with magnetic fronts to show off art work. A lot of the teddies in the fireplace belong to our children – we collect them on our travels and bring them back- but a lot of them are from my and George’s childhood, particularly the Snoopy’s!  My husband loves Snoopy!

“George took this picture of Cara Delevingne as part of an Alice in Wonderland shoot for ES Magazine, quite a long time ago. My favourite piece in the room has to be the ceiling, which Tim Ulewicz and his brother painted by lying on top of scaffolding for about a week!  He painted an alphabet, shapes, the children’s names and our pets.  I can gaze at it for hours.”

The Bedroom


“George and I love hotels and we wanted our bedroom to have that luxurious feel.  I like a big bed and I’d always wanted a pretty dressing table.  The house is pretty masculine but I think this tames it down a little. The trunk was given to us as a present and it’s a piece that’s very special to us. The lamps I got at Colefax and Fowler and I love the geometric shames on them, the colour seems to match the blue perfectly. The pictures on the wall are really interesting, I believe they’re called calotypes and are the first recorded photographs taken by a woman, who was a botanist. They’re whimsical and beautiful, and I can stare at them for hours.

The Dressing Room


“A dressing room is probably every girl’s dream –  at least I definitely always dreamed of one! I was inspired by every department store I’ve ever been to and loved, and I hate to say it, but also Carrie Bradshaw’s dressing room in Sex and the City. I share it half-half with George or at least he thinks I do…

The neon sign (from Neon Creations)might be a bit naff, but I absolutely love it, and it makes me giggle because I have such a love of shoes even though I spend most of my time running around in a pair of Converse.”

The Bathroom


“Without sounding too trite, I wanted the bathroom to be quite ‘zen’. It’s definitely one of my favourite rooms in the house. I knew that I wanted a bath big enough to fit the whole family in and two basins.  I also love the shutters which are white and very calming. My all-time favourite Hugo Guinness gave us the awesome prints on the wall as a wedding present and they make me smile every time I see them.  If I could have a house filled with Hugo’s prints I would. The fireplace was already there, it’s the most spoiling thing in the world. I love looking at the flickering light when I’m lying in the bath! It’s actually fake but it feels real and I love it.”

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Paris bath, The Water Monopoly; Baskets, from £9.99, Zara Home; The rug is from Stark Carpet, this one, £175, from Heal’s has a similar feel.

IMAGES: Simon Brown

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