Colour Files: Pink

Where do you stand on wearing colour? How about the deliberate colour clash – which is everywhere, so even if you have no intention of sporting it yourself, prepare to see others rocking the look. Shades might be advisable if colour is anathema. We’ll start with an easy one: pink. (Which also feels very fitting that this is the week of Valentine’s Day.)

The thing about the monochromatic look is that black and grey aren’t always the kindest of shades – particularly if you live on a rainy isle and do not have the time/money/energy to sport a year-round tan. And then there’s the spirit-lifting factor. In the words of Marie Kondo: does black spark joy? Do you put it on and think, ‘Suddenly, I feel marginally better that it’s Wednesday morning, I’ve had insufficient sleep, and it’s raining. Could it be that I sense a spring in my step?’

Yes, I know black/grey are both easy and chic. But colour can be, too. Also, now pretty much any colour combo goes (I read it in Vogue so it must be true), you can start to treat your favourite as the new wardrobe neutral.

I’ll start with pink, because whilst I have just taken delivery of a yellow dress about which I have High Hopes, you might take more convincing vis-a-vis a more Marmite colour. So let’s ease in gently. And what’s not to like about a colour which imparts a rosy glow into our sun-starved cheeks? I have a knit from Whistles which cheers my heart every time I pull it on.

Try wearing one shade of pink head-to-toe (see the pale pink suits below from Arket and Mango). Or it clashes brilliantly with red or green. Not feeling quite there yet? Integrate it into your existing wardrobe: it partners happily with denim and pairs happily with grey, camel or navy. Or black – if you must. Wear it with stripes (try a Breton layered under the Topshop boiler suit, below) or with a plain white base (how about a white (slogan?) tee with a pink blazer?). I am all over the idea of a pinky patterned dress styled down with trainers and bare legs – like this dream of a print from Rixo or this Spring floral from Ghost. Layer pink on pink – like the palest blush Cambridge Satchel bag (below) with a delicate ruffled Sezane blouse.

Your Pink Starter for 10 

Poppy and pink knit, £180, Baum Und Pferdgarten at Studio B; 2. Cardigan, £79, Arket; 3. Corduroy boiler suit, now £50, Topshop; 4. Blazer, £150, and trousers, £70, Arket; 5. Coat, £249, Whistles; 6. Pink zebra skirt, £30, Asos; 7. Oversized bow sliders, £40, Monsoon; 8. Cloud pink push lock, £100, Cambridge Satchel Company; 9.Tie collar silk blouse, £79.99, H&M; 10. Trousers, £49.99, and and ribbed neck sweater, £35.99, both Mango


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