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So you have the invitation, you have the outfit, you’ve probably even booked your accommodation, but what about the present? These days most couples have wedding lists, but if they don’t or you prefer to go off-list (and you should only really do this if you know the couple’s taste really well) then you could venture into unknown gift territory. It’s a risky tactic and is generally easier just to plump for the 4 towels, 3 spoons and 1 cheese grater that’s left on the list, but if that just leaves you cold, then take the leap – you could just give them their best present ever….

Everyone loves…

We think that these presents are pretty safe bets. Just do a quick scoot around their house/flat to check that they don’t have one already (although I think you’ll be ok with the wine….)





A Roberts DAB Radio

This was one of Natasha’s favourite wedding presents. We have one also. £159.95-£199.95







A Nespresso Machine

If the couple are real coffee aficionados, then a Nespresso won’t cut it. But, everyone else would love it. Buy a simple machine just for shots or spend more and splash out on one with a milk frother – home-made cappuccinos will be yours forever. From £89.95





bdx12-just-releasedAn amazing bottle of wine 

If they’re the type of people to savour a bottle of wine, rather than glug it down in one go, then an expensive bottle of wine is a great gift. Perhaps it’s from the year they got together or the year the Bride was born? Or think of a present that keeps on giving and order them a bottle of wine to be delivered every month. I know a lot of people who’d love that…


WT 2


Wedding invitation tray

Why hide an invitation away from view? These trays from Elfinglen will let them remember their big day forever. £85







Personalised chopping board

Everyone loves a chunky chopping board, especially when it has your name on it. £135, The Oak and Rope Company (small boards from £70)






Personalised monopoly board

What could be better than a bespoke board game charting all the places the couple have lived, worked and loved? £79.99







A vinyl copy of their first dance from The Old Record Shop

Unless you have inside knowledge, then you’ll have to wait until after the wedding to order this one. Framed from £73,





For the Home




A Vase

There’s always room in every home for another vase. If you’re feeling particularly thoughtful, you could even send a bouquet of flowers for when they get back from honeymoon. Crackle Finish Vase, £29.99






Photo Album filled with photos from the wedding

One of the things I loved most about our wedding was seeing other people’s photographs. We had our official pictures, we had my pictures, but it was great to see our guests’ take on the day. If you are something of a super-friend (or a great photographer), then collect pictures from other guests and present them to the newlyweds in an album. They will love you forever. Personalised album, £85, Atlas & I





A piece of art

You don’t have to have a big budget (although if you do, go ahead, go wild), but you do have to be confident that you know the couple’s taste. Art is a very personal thing and unless you are an expert on art and on them (or have insider info), then play this one carefully. If you get it right, you could just have given the best present ever… Big Skies by Jonathan Pocock – an eye-wateringly generous gift at £4000. Will’s Art Warehouse sells pieces from £40.



IMAGE: Michel Comte for Vogue

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