Weekend Wish List

This Friday, I will – to paraphrase those great musicians, The Spice Girls – be telling you what I want. What I really, really want. Please.

1. Sweet peas from The Real Flower Company, from £55


Because the are, quite simply, unutterably lovely and smell like spring and the fresh, early days of summer  (before it gets all cross, hazy and faded). This is the Ivory Sweet Pea and Lavender bouquet (£70). The Real Flower Company is a joy and delight forever.

2. Pirum Parum print, £28, Bodie and Fou

58f52e7401fe995342f43a3e4da63d20I love Bodie and Fou. And I REALLY love this print. It is just the sweetest image, without being too twee or girly. Rather like my little girl, then. It would fit perfectly into C’s room.

3. To blush divinest rosy pink courtesy of Blush in Morning Dew, £6, Topshop  


Blush is my beauty bag must-have. My cannot-live-without product. it makes you look more alive, fresher of face and prettier in a matter of seconds. (Oo, I am reminding myself of that scene with Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually, when Atkinson, playing an over-zealous salesman with a penchant for giftwrapping, tells an increasingly irate Alan Rickman (who is buying a gift for his hot secretary and doesn’t want to be rumbled by his wife – stupid man, he is married to Emma Thompson. God, want to marry Emma Thompson) that wrapping a gift beautifully “is but the work of a moment”.

Anyway. I love blusher, and have about a gazillion. I prefer cream, as a general rule,  and this is a really lovely, almost dolly-cheeked shade (I mean that as a compliment) which should suit most skin tones.

4. Medina Facet Ring, £165, Monica Vinader

Look how pretty it is. Just look. I wouldn’t even need any rings to stack it with. Promise. I note that women who have that insouciant chic tend to wear Monica Vinader – and who wouldn’t want to be one of those women?


4. A trip to the Italian Lakes. 

Hey, a girl can dream. Lake Como looks pret-ty dreamy. And perhaps George Clooney will be weekending there, and, um, invite me for dinner?


Images: The Real Flower Company, Bodie and Fou, Topshop, Monica Vinader, Pinterest

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