Dear Christmas….

….this year, we’d like to make things easy. We don’t have much time on our hands, we have a lot of presents to buy and with The Big Day just around the corner, not much time to do it. So, Christmas, we’ve come up with a plan. Let’s just do all our shopping in one, rather glorious, place with an amazing 15% discount…. Anyone for a White Company Christmas?

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year. The tree, the carols, the lights, the parties, the excitement (especially when there are little people in the mix), the nativity plays and carol concerts, the mince pies, the mulled wine, the presents….Oh no! The presents! If you are anything like us, then you probably have quite a few presents to buy, but not a lot of time to do it. Which is why shopping in one place could just be the answer to all your gift-buying prayers…

The White Company is one of those brands where there really is something for everyone, and more than just something; something really great. Natasha’s husband swears that the ‘Winter’ candle smells like Christmas (we think he’s right), while I will never forget the joy on my son’s face when he was given his first ever pair of The White Company Christmas pyjamas last year. Here’s our guide to buying presents The White Company Way AND an exclusive 15% discount for you to use online and in store until 19th December (details at the bottom of the post).


Let’s start with the children, because that is really why Christmas is so exciting. Christmas Eve is possibly a bigger deal than Christmas Day at Alex’s house with champagne popping, big presents unwrapped and a feast consumed. It’s also a time for Natasha’s children to get into their Christmas pyjamas and slippers and read the classic book The Night Before Christmas. Children love decorations, so this is always a great start when it comes to the festive season. How sweet is this reindeer? Whilst the Mimi fairy mouse is just adorable. Children under 10 also love soft toys and this Bunny is just the softest, although I’m quite tempted by this unicorn. Then, there are the Christmas jumpers. This Reindeer one is ideal for boys or girls, matched perhaps with these wonderfully comfy slippers. And, the wigwam (available in pink or blue) is probably the best present of all.

The Women in your Life

Mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends and teachers (lucky teachers!) will all love a gift from The White Company. Whether it’s a small present or something ‘wow’ like cashmere, you can count on everything feeling special and luxurious. Because, most women love the rare opportunity to relax, we think that The Spa range is a good place to start shopping. Alex is a big fan of the Super Balm cleanser and would love to find the facial Night Oil overnight renewal treatment under the tree, whilst Natasha loves the Muscle Soothing Luxury Bath Soak. And don’t forget the bath oils, which are so luxurious and so beautifully scented, you can’t help but unwind as soon as you smell them. The knitwear is also wonderful with the dreamiest knits and the softest cashmere in store and online. Alex has her eye on this jumper, whilst Natasha tried and would love to buy (or be given by her husband – hint!) this stunning oatmeal coat. Both of us would love these pyjamas.

The Men in your Life

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that buying for men can be tricky, so we say go for luxury. And we say luxury, we mean super-soft pyjamas, cosy bath robes and a pair of stylish suede slippers. Throw in a cashmere scarf and hat (my husband has very short hair and a hat is essential) and your boyfriend/husband/brother or teacher (VERY lucky teacher!) will be incredibly happy. A really lovely thought would be to print a picture of the children or dog or something special and put it into one of The White Company’s gorgeous frames for a present with a personal touch.

Party Presents

If you’re going to a Christmas party, then it’s always nice to give something to the host. Can we suggest a beautiful Christmas decoration? I love The White Company’s decorations. In fact, when I left my job 8 years ago, I used the money they gave me as a parting gift to buy decorations, many of which I still have and love now. This little house is so pretty, as are these stars and this beaded ‘love’ decoration.  A decoration will last longer than a bottle of fizz and look prettier in the morning!

  1. Cashmere pom pom shawl, £255; 2. Cashmere wrist warmers, £45; Cashmere tie sleeve jumper, £319; Winter 4-wick indulgence candle £140; 5. Men’s suede slippers, £45; 6. Set of 6 faceted antiqued star decorations, £22; 7. Jingles Reindeer pyjamas, from £24; 8. Jingle Reindeer present sack, £32; 9. Flying Reindeer jumper, £30; Reindeer booties, £22

This post was in collaboration with The White Company. To make the most of your 15% discount, simply enter WEARWHERE15 at checkout.

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  • Reply
    helena korjonen
    December 11, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Hmm. Although I like the white company and don’t want to complain about your blog post, I do think you need to rethink ‘we don’t have a lot of money so shop at white company’. It’s hardly a cheap shop!!

    • Reply
      December 11, 2017 at 2:53 pm

      Hi Helena,

      Thanks for your message. We don’t say ‘we don’t have a lot of money so shop at the White Company’. In the post, we say we don’t have a lot of time to do our Christmas shopping, so why not do it all in one place? At no point do we say it’s a cheap shop!

      Thank you for reading.

  • Reply
    January 28, 2018 at 10:29 pm

    Hi Natasha, Alex, love the post and noticed something in one of the images I want to look into soucung for a house renovation. Which white co store where you in? Many thanks, Sal

    • Reply
      February 7, 2018 at 3:09 pm

      The one on Marylebone High Street! N x

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