Winter Skin Hero

32612c4b2ac07f44ab384600628fee91I have said in the past that every new mother should really have an Alex (a friend who has a baby just before you do, and is a kind and trusted repository of knowledge on all matters child-related. Even this time ’round, I found myself SOS-ing Alex. It was she who told me the little man would crack sleeping by Christmas (he did). Not to sweat over naps, he’ll get it (he did.) Who lent me an abundance of mini blue clothes.). They should also – if they’re very lucky – have a Camilla. A Camilla in this instance is code for: new neighbour who moves in whilst you are both pregnant and has a baby around the same time as you do. Who also turns out to be a lovely, funny and a like-minded soul. And has an insider’s knowledge of beauty products as an added bonus.

Camilla introduced me to a skincare saver so good, that I in turn want to share it with you….

This is wonder stuff if you have tired, dry, sensitive winter-beaten skin. Mine has definitely suffered the effects of central heating, chilly rain and wind and spending too much time in playgrounds. This is delightfully soothing without being overly rich, so it doesn’t hang heavy on your skin. I’ve been mainlining it. Moreoever, it will not cost more than your car. (Also available at Boots.)

Image: Vogue via Pinterest

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