Would you wear dungarees?

14efad542834c79801153c78fb04d4eeUntil recently, my answer to this would have been a categorical no, that dungarees are for my (four-year-old) daughter, not for me. But recently, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve spotted some seriously stylish women wearing them – and looking pretty fabulous, it must be said. They’re actually pretty cute. Okay, they would probably fall under the heading of ‘clothes my husband does not get’, but I love the thought of them flung over a pretty blouse (very Isabel Marant) or a plain white tee (we both love this one), and teamed with flats – I love the idea of metallic sandals. I could then chuck a jumper over the top for the morning school run, which can be shrugged off as the day warms up. Come to think of it, it’s the perfect spring outfit…



bf743f97159e53c10166752571fbcf40Whilst I love the idea of dressing them up with heels and clutch, let us be realistic, my dressing up opportunities are limited at the moment, so I’d wear something like this:

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Ecru dungarees, £45, Topshop; Cashmere crew neck, now £83.15, Boden; Black denim dungarees, £48, Topshop (also see these from Asos)

43067634_02_B   1267450_PRI





Openwork trim blouse, £24.99, Mango; Breton, £28, Petit Bateau; Sandals, now £50.15, Boden


Images via Pinterest

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