Yes, you Cannes

I’ve never been to Cannes, although many moons ago I went (for work) to the Deauville Film Festival, which was every bit as glamorous, hilarious and as bonkers as you can imagine (premiere parties, dinner with Matt Dillon, stark-raving mad one-legged film producers in pursuit a la Benny Hill- it was an extraordinary week), but back to Cannes. Unless you are a jet-setting film star/billionaire/member of the Royal Family, then it’s unlikely that red carpet fashion holds much sway when it comes to your wardrobe. But, this lack of lifestyle/private jet/income shouldn’t stop you from taking some inspiration from what the directors and actresses wore in Cannes last week. Look past the show-stopping dresses (although if you want show-stopping, just check out Marion Cottillard above) and turn instead to more low-key styles – the white day dress, the evening trousers, the loose blouse –  and you have some pieces that could just work on you this summer…

White On

Not so long ago, Natasha wrote about the beauty of wearing white, and here on Isla Fisher (never looked better, I think), we can see how to do it. Loose hair, red lipstick and black shoes make this a fresh, modern look that’s perfect for christenings, parties and, with flat sandals or flip-flops, a beach bbq (I can dream…)

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Hortense cotton dress, £210, BA&SH; Malibu suede open toe sandal, £225, L.K. Bennett

Navy trousers

In my opinion, you can never beat a pair of navy trousers, just look how effortlessly understated Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks here. Easy to dress up or dress down, they’re a must for anyone’s wardrobe. If you’re wary of palazzo pants, go for cropped skinnies instead.

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Simone silk back vest, £59, Reiss; Wide leg trousers, £125, Lauren by Ralph Lauren;


The whole black and white trend didn’t really take off did it? Perhaps it’s the fear of being mistaken for a waitress that’s stopping this trend go stellar or maybe it’s the sheer ‘black’ and ‘whiteness’ of it all (and yes, that’s the technical term). However, having seen Zoe Saldana work the look with her mish-mash of prints and hot coral shoes, I’m starting to think again. Maybe there is a place for monochrome in my wardrobe.


Striped top, £27.99, Mango; Polka dot skirt, £330, Dolce & Gabbana 

Coppola Cool

She’s just so darn effortless. Bed-head hair, ankle-length black trousers, a loose fitting blouse and low-heeled sandals. Isn’t it so much better just to not try too hard?

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Pussybow shirt, £125, Bora Aksu; Jaron trousers, £165, IRO

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