Zero time, Max Style

The sun is shining. Have you noticed? Not that it’s made W&W go at all crazy. We’re not booking in pedicures, digging out sandals and wondering whether our lily-white legs are ready for public-viewing. Oh no….

If, the sun is still shining this weekend (rumour has it that it won’t be. But, the only Rumours I listen to are ones by Fleetwood Mac), then I shall be wearing the following. The trousers (my lily-white legs aren’t ready for public-viewing just yet) are from an amazing shop called Wild Swans (they sell online), which specialises in chic Scandinavian brands that whisper ‘buy me, buy me, buy me’. Do check it out. It’s great….



Karnataka gold-plated necklace, £468, Zoe and Morgan



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Dolman sleeve jumper, £49.50, Hush; White cotton t-shirt, £65, James Perse (I hear you, I hear you. The t-shirt costs more than the jumper? If you think that’s madness, then try this one from Zara.)

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Nelli trousers, £119, Baum und Pferdgarten; Lucius leather sandals, £84, La Paire



Olive tan leather satchel handbag, £195, Somerset by Temperley

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