Zero time, Max Style a la NY Fashion Week

Olivia_Palermo_NYFW_SS14_Rebecca_Taylor 04892cdc4c9eea36ed1711afe28dfd10667fa504e526d6f5dd7fb168daed812eHello and welcome to the W&W style/time post in association with New York fashion week. Kind of.

I’ve been perusing pics of the fabulous and the fashionable on your behalf, and I have whittled down the prevailing style idiom to a few easy rules: wear a skirt, but never tights; if in doubt, wear heels; do not, under any circumstances, actually put your arms in your in jacket/coat, but sling it over your shoulders, cape-fashion; carry your bag in your hand, hook it over your arm, do not put it on your shoulders (doesn’t work with your cape-style jacket, anyway).

Also – and you know this but it’s worth reiterating – New Yorkers give seriously good grooming. Blow dries, manicures, pedicures, finely honed physiques (I have a friend who worked at American Vogue. She is size 8 at most. She maintains she was the largest girl in the office.) I’m not saying this a pre-requisite for this week’s look, just that a nice shiny swishy ponytail, or a slick of red lipstick, might go down well.

Eva Chen is the new wunderkind of publishing. At 33, she has landed the job of editing Lucky. She is super-smart, ultra stylish and accessible. Here she is in a Peter Son skirt, Prada sunglasses and shoes, Fashion Club shirt and toting a Chanel bag.


It’s the detail on the skirt which elevates a simple outfit into something rather special.93a187580ced1050b5e76204fa233b7f a_4x-vertical

J.Crew sequinned pencil skirt, now £224.97 (was £695), The Outnet,

Take one simple white shirt (from a classic American brand – Michelle Obama’s favourite, no less):

Three quarter length sleeve perfect shirt, £54.37, J.Crew

Three quarter length sleeve perfect shirt, £54.37, J.Crew

Add one fabulous skirt:

WOJN18810005BUR_1_large 10268060_1393370_1000 190165_in_xl







Issy teardrop skirt, £347, Jonathan Saunders at MatchesFashion, Gold Hawk sequin skirt, £174.60, Farfetch, Silk pencil skirt, £224.97, J.Crew at The Outnet

Obviously, Chanel  is a weeny bit beyond most budgets, but I am a huge fan of Tory Burch’s designs. This baby is right at the top of my wishlist.

Robinson envelope clutch, £295, Tory Burch

Robinson envelope clutch, £295, Tory Burch

If only casually stylish US brand Madewell (so hip Alexa Chung designed a range for them) shipped to the UK, this would be a must-have:

The Everyday Clutch, $138, Madewell

The Everyday Clutch, $138, Madewell

I remain entirely obsessed with Anya Hindmarch’s Valerie clutch. To my mind, it is the perfect evening bag. One day, I will get my mits on one. Plus. Anya has just opened her first flagship store in New York, so it feels apposite to include her here.

Valerie clutch, £350, Anya Hindmarch

Valerie clutch, £350, Anya Hindmarch

Images: Olivia Palermo, Pinterest, NY Magazine

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