Zero Time, Max Style: The Cable Knit

e9feb8b33d0da45f295778c99c65d1caCan we discuss the cable knit jumper? Once the province of fishermen, it is now everywhere. I recall having one as a child and loathing it. Ah, how little taste I had. (Evidence: I preferred a vile yellow jumper bestrewn with whimsical teddies. Am actually shuddering at the memory. And mentally congratulating my mother on letting me find my own sartorial course. See, mum? It worked out okay in the end.) But now? Now, I am all about the insouciance of a cable knit. And for AW, it’s a shortcut to style.My affection is due in part to this combo. I love the idea of it.


And partly temperate. I just want to be cosy. And I have a marked preference for flats worn without socks for as long as possible, so I top-load for warmth.

Try this from Celtic and Co, it has the air of authenticity and the cosy factor I crave. Or this one from Boden – which has a similar roll neck charm. The Keswick chunky knit from Topshop has more than a touch of charm. Do also check out this one – love the detail of the edging on the sleeves. Craving something more budget-conscious? This from Mango does what it needs to without breaking the proverbial bank.

In truth, I have already fallen for the perfect jumper. I have been swooning over the Coco cable-knit from new-to-me Needle all weekend.

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Celtic and Co, £145; Keswick jumper by Unique at Topshop

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Chunky knit by Boutique at Topshop, £95; Chunky knit, £49.99, Mango


Coco Cable-Knit, £139, Needle

Main images via Pinterest (from here and here)

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