Zero Time/Max Style – the summer dress


Like most people I know, I have a thing for Isabel Marant, which is why I practically hyperventilated when I walked into H&M yesterday and discovered this dress. It’s not an exact copy (that would be tacky), but there’s a definite Marant-esq feel about it. The pattern, the drop waist, the frilled skirt – I can imagine myself wearing it in the city, on the beach, in the country – it’s a go-anywhere dress. While H&M can look cheap (I’m not knocking it, that’s what it is), you can occasionally find a true gem of a dress – the black maxi dress with frills at the bottom that looked so D&G that a very chic Italian Fashion Editor begged me to tell her where I got it – the lemon yellow Grecian dress that always gets comments – and now this. H&M – when you get it right, you SO get it right….

Dress, £24.99, H&M. Weirdly, the dress isn't online, but it was new in store, when I bought it yesterday.

Dress, £24.99, H&M. Weirdly, the dress isn’t online, but it was new in store, when I bought it yesterday.

Wear with….


Gold-plated elephant necklace, £170, Powderhill; Sandals, £59.99, Zara

And if it gets cold….


Denim jacket, £29.99, H&M; Naples tassel scarf, £32, East

P.s. Excuse the pic, my phone deleted all my apps and all I’m left with (until I reload) is a standard camera…



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