3 ways to cool down in the heat

1bdf2ed258aa76ca6444da4ae2bd62acHot enough for you? This is the one time of the year when I yearn to be sat under a big tree mainlining ice cold drinks whilst being wafted by a very large fan (either that or bobbing around in lovely cool pool). Sadly, this ain’t gonna happen, so instead, I’m employing these three tactics to keep myself just a little bit cooler…

07155a9e835a0896d38006762bac9dbbFlash the Flesh: Ignore the fag in hand (so not chic), and instead focus on the beautiful bare back. When it’s this hot, skin just begs to be free and whilst I’m not advocating doing the school run naked, it is the one time of the year, when it’s ok to flash a little flesh. I’ve been living in my denim cut-offs (much nicer than the picture suggests) and super-comfortable Hush shorts this week, teamed mainly with a sleeveless tank. I’ve also just bought this fab strappy jumpsuit (is that what you call it?) by Somerset by Alice Temperley (now £69 in the sale). More evening or a cooler day perhaps as the legs are covered, but lovely and summery nonetheless. Whilst Natasha, back in the office and chic as ever, has been floating around town in this gorgeous strappy sundress from Boden. I saw her last night and am seriously tempted to steal her style and snap one up for myself. Just remember to do as Dr Tom Mammone of Clinque says and apply sunscreen. As the brilliant Lesley Thomas said in today’s Times, it’s the women who’ve applied sunscreen all their life who have the best skin…


Feel Refreshed: So simple, yet so refreshing, feta and watermelon is the perfect snack for a hot summer’s evening. A friend offered me this previously-untried combination yesterday and it was utterly delicious (and a lot more appealing than a big bowl of pasta).



Spritz: I packed a can of this in my hospital bag thinking it might help with labour (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). It might not work for contractions, but will help you feel just that teeny bit cooler when out and about and nowhere near a cold shower…

IMAGES: Vogue, David Loftus

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