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Have you checked out the new collection from Mango? There are some gems to be snapped up. Particularly in the bag department. Maternity leave has rendered me a convert to the cross-body bag. I need free hands: several of them would be good, but two will have to suffice. I cannot be lugging a tote around or stopping to hitch my bag onto my shoulder, so cross body it is. And Mango has come up trumps,

(On this subject, stay tuned for a new brand Alex and I have recently discovered. Designer looks. Achievable price.)

This type bag can style up the simplest outfit, without you having to so much as think about it. (Bag no 2 below is a dead ringer for the one modelled here.)



Cross body small bag, £34.99


Cross body triple bag, £34.99


Flap cross body bag, £34.99

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