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Storage Solutions: Top 10 Baskets

I should really be sponsored by a basket company. I flipping love them.

Possibly not as much as lovely Lisa from Edit 58 (see her home tour here), but a LOT. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there really is no finer form of storage. Even my son has caught the bug, and can be found toting a basket of (what else?) cars around. We had to do an emergency dash to the corner shop last week (note to self: you are not yet a sufficiently organised cook to live without a corner shop, Natasha) – wearing an odd assortment of flung-on footwear and coats. Just as we were about to leave, the small chap halts proceedings, disappears briefly, returns with this basket. Atta boy.

I find them here. I find them there. I find them pretty much everywhere. I’d happily splurge at Edit 58, Wood/Grey and Artisanne, but I save at H&M Home, Zara Home, Ikea, Laura Ashley, La Redoute and Homebase. (I see the panic that flashes across my husband’s face if we have to make a trip to the latter and my eyes slide towards the baskets. I see it, but I do not heed it. Minimalist I am not.)

Here’s just a few I’d like to add to my collection, space and husband permitting…

1. Pom pom basket, £65. La Redoute; 2. Pink striped, £106.50, Artisanne; 3. Luggy basket, £99 – Oli Ella; 4. Fladis basket, £10, Ikea; 5. Dolls basket, £16, Edit58; 6. Set of 2 baskets, £43, La Redoute; 7. Basket, £17, H&M Home; 8. Shopper basket, £36, Wood/Grey; 9. Pom pom basket, Sunshine & Shade; 10. Alibaba basket, from £106.50, Artisanne 

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