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My name is Natasha and I have this thing with baskets.

They are dotted liberally around my house (storing everything from cars to paperwork, books and the ironing), and I am pretty happy to tote one on my arm even in the middle of winter. I met the gorgeous (and gorgeously stylish) Sarah Clark (of Little Spree renown) for breakfast the other week: she had the cutest small basket for her essential and I was toting a big one in which to carry home the flowers, food and (ahem) Poundland finds I later acquired. (Have you been in there lately? It’s one of Sarah’s secret haunts. I bought felt tip pens (ONE ENGLISH POUND) and Matchbox cars for the boy who loves to line them up across the room. It’s a bargainous mecca.)

I digress. My point being: a basket is A Good Thing. I love the jeans, sweater, flats and basket combo: so Jane Birkin in Paris (and what’s not to like about that?). And, suddenly, they’re everywhere. I’ve rounded up a few of the best (the circular one from edit58 is next on my wish-list. Now Lisa, the owner of edit58, is a woman who truly knows about baskets).

1. Pom pom basket, £19.99, Zara; 2. Capri basket, £149.20, Eileen Fisher; 3. Country basket, £36, Wood Grey; 4. Circular woven basket, £36, Edit58; 5. Spanish basket, £35, Hedgehog Shop; 6. Jute basket, £39.99, Mango



Main image via Pinterest



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