Are you ready for leather?

Who is up for a pair of leather trousers, then? Or a midi skirt? How about a leather jacket then? We’re hoping you’re saying yes to all three, as this season, leather (or faux leather) is the coolest look around…

More than anything, leather (and with this I also mean faux-leather) is practical. Wipe clean! Hard-wearing! Lasts for years! Which for us ticks the boxes far more than a flimsy, throwaway piece of clothing ever would. Moreover, leather looks gooooood. It used to be something that only a Hells’ Angel, Mrs Robinson, S&M vixen or Sandy from Grease would wear, but that reputation got shaken off years ago. Leather is very mainstream these days, but it still has an ‘edge’. Wear a leather skirt (even a modest, calf-length one) and you’ll instantly look current. Wear a pair of leather leggings under a mahoosive roll neck and you’ll look cool and contemporary. Throw a jacket on top of a prim dress and you’ve instantly styled it up. Leather is easy. It always looks good, and both Natasha and I, are most definitely in.

The Jacket

This really is a wardrobe essential. Leather jackets are hands down, amazing. I pondered over purchasing one for years (they are expensive, after all), but since buying mine three years ago, I haven’t looked back. Out it comes every spring/autumn as it really is the perfect jacket to wear with a skirt or dress. I just love it. A leather jacket over a midi dress is one of my all-time favourite looks. I think it’s the juxtaposition of leather with another fabric, which makes it work. Leather and cotton/leather and wool – it works far better than leather and leather ever would (sorry bikers!)

I own a Whistles jacket (Whistles make great leather jackets) and waited until one of their 30% discounts rolled around to make the leap. Hush also do good ones, this is rather lovely, and I rather like the look of this one from Mint Velvet, who are having a good season when it comes to leather jackets, skirts and trousers. Finally, The White Company, not usually a brand I’d turn to for leather, have come up trumps with this lovely jacket. The styling with the sequinned skirt is particularly appealing.

The Skirt

The leather skirt is a new one for me, but oooh I’m hooked. The key with a leather skirt is to go for loose on top to avoid the dominatrix look. So, dig out that chunky jumper and tuck it in. Short or midi (I’d probably avoid long – far too ‘Allo Allo’s Helga), it just works – with flat or low-heeled boots – high heels and a short skirt do verge into lady of the night territory. Ba&sh, that annoyingly good and expensive French label, bring out incredible leather skirts every season. This one is another winner, I just wish it wasn’t so far out of my budget. This one from Whistles is also great, I think it’s the one Natasha is wearing below…

I must also declare a bias as the midi skirt pictured below is from my shop. I loved it so much, I kept one, sold out and ordered in more. It’s that good (and has pockets!) Although Natasha’s mini is also rather tempting…

The Trousers

So, it used to be all about leather leggings. Tight or fitted, they look great, especially with bikers or trainers and a long loose jumper over the top. Just look at the gorgeous Chloe Loves to Shop (below) who makes me want to buy the exact same We are Commando leggings right now. Although I’m also searching for a biker style – you know the ones with the reinforced knees? If you find some, do let me know! In the meantime, these vegan leather ones from Anthropologie look good as do Hush’s classic version.

But, also this year, slouchy trousers have caught my eye. I know! Who’d have thought? Especially considering that I mentally mocked them a few years ago. But, that’s what fashion does. It evolves and eventually you catch up. I recently bought a pair from that high-fashion mecca Tesco, and surprised myself by loving them (annoyingly they’re not online). I am, in fact, wearing them now, as I type! So comfy, they are cropped (I think this is key) and look great with – you guessed it – a big jumper tucked in. Zara, unsurprisingly, is all over the trend. This pair look promising, as do these. This Topshop pair could also be worth trying. The thing is to try a few and not to be put off if the first pair you pull on make you feel like you’re about to go wading (N recently tried a pair that made her feel like a fisherman!) There are lots of cuts out there and eventually, you will find one that’s right for you.

The key (as you can see from the styling of the Mint Velvet in the layout below) is to go prim on top and sensible with shoes to avoid any chance of being accosted by a pipe-smoking gentleman with a moustache and a glint in his eye. This also makes you look contemporary rather than old-fashioned, and let’s face it, is more comfortable to boot.

  1. Agnes leather jacket, £329, Whistles; 2. Grey oversized turtle neck, £45, &Other Stories; 3. Leather pencil skirt, £195, Whistles; 4. Pumpkin eras cable sweater, £148, Dante 6; 5. Faux leather leggings, £89, We are Commando; 6. 6. Faux leather trousers, £69, Mint Velvet; 7. 7. Corset waist trousers, £40, River Island; 8. 3 lock trainers, £100, Veja; 9. Faux leather midi skirt, £65, TAE; 10. Cora high-rise leggings, £128, All Saints; Black leather mini, £170, Whistles

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