In the Nude (Underwear, of course)

Well, well. Who would have suspected there were so many of us in pursuit of the perfect nude underwear? Yes, the hour is nigh for what might just be the most glamorous post I have ever put together

Summer is upon us – at last – and with it comes the advent of strappy dresses, filmy white flowing frocks and, err, visible knickers. We don’t ask much. We just want nice, sensible (some – I couldn’t possibly comment – might call them granny pants) knickers which don’t slowly but inexorably climb up your bottom. A bra that which doesn’t parade itself from under your pale frock. Or – worse still – a strapless bra which restricts your breathing.

I asked – and Instagram answered. It set me on a trail of research. I asked friends, fashion insiders, strangers (okay, not the latter) to bring you this edit of the best nude underwear.

P.S. The header image is via Naja – a brand with a social conscience which offers nude underwear for all skin colours, shapes and sizes. Let’s hope it makes it to our shores, soon.

1. There was a lot of love out there for M&S’s No VPL Microfibre Full Briefs. They’re available in black, white or shades of nude, are lauded for their comfort, and cost £12 for a pack of five. What’s not to like?

2. Trust good old John Lewis (my secular house of worship) to produce an Underwired Multiway Strapless Bra  for twenty-five of your English pounds.

3. Gossard Glossies (£14) come recommended by no less than Fran ‘The Fashion Lift’ Bacon.

4.. Chantelle Seamless Nude knickers (£14 at John Lewis) garnered stay-put points.

5. Hanro’s Jersey Bra, £56 – “eye-watering price but excellent” said my informant.

6. M&S’s Multi Way Bra (£20) can be worn strapless, crossed at the back, or even with a one-shoulder frock/top.

7. Someone described Rosie for Autograph’s Non-Padded Bralet as “my discovery of the year”. Such was her enthusiasm, I ordered one. (And it’s currently £13 in the sale.)

8. Dare I, asked someone, say the word Sloggi? You do indeed dare. Nothing wrong there. The Zero Feel Bralette (£24) and Hipster Briefs (£24) have their own fan club. (I am a recent bralette convert and find them very comfortable indeed. Perhaps this is less the case if you’re blessed up top?)

9. M&S’s Body Smoothing Bralet won praise for coming in shades of nude and its seam-free cups (£12).

10. If you don’t like the feeling (or require) of the bolstering effect of full cups, try Arket’s Micro Wire Bra (£19).

11. Okay, so the Chantelle Absolutely Invisible Stretch Jersery Bra is an investment at £56, but wearing it is (so I’m told) like wearing a made-to-measure bra. And if it really is absolutely invisible….

12. Spanx is another word that dare not be spoken by some – but I don’t see why when the Everyday Shaping Pants suck you in and preserve your modesty (£20).

13. Cos – that temple of pared-back simplicity offers a Triangle Microfibre Bra for £17 which manages to look rather alluring (or perhaps that’s just the photography?).

14.  True story: I once interviewed Jamie Oliver at one of his restaurants. He was delightful. I was, however, placed in a chair onto which someone had spilt olive oil. It ruined my skirt and soaked through to my pants. I had to stop off at Gap on the way back to the office and buy a new pair of pants and a pair of shorts. . I can’t recall if they were these Gap Breathe Hipsters (now £6.27), though, and Lord knows what Jamie made of my oily bottom.

15. Uniqlo was an unexpected recipient of laurels on the nude underwear front. This Multiway Strapless Bra (£19.90) and 16. Hip Hugger Briefs ((£5.90) come highly recommended.

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