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Forget Blue Monday: 5 reasons to be happy instead

3babc064ebf514167009dc97fb12b5fcSo, it’s Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year – allegedly. But we laugh in the face it. There are plenty of reasons to be happy…

A snow day could be just around the corner…

9801530c864498632e0c73667426bf1bWe live in hope. Yesterday, there was but a sprinkling of snow over London – to my little girl’s disappointment. Alex fared rather better, and some of you, I suspect, are wallowing it.

And cold weather means cashmere…

2c095cb27a1119316e1aa1ddbe04a0b9We are great fans of cashmere. Our latest find is Wyse London – gorgeous cashmere (the sequin arm patches are HEAVEN) at affordable prices. Or head to Marks & Spencer and the Chinti & Parker sale.

And candles…

LIMEBAY_SP16_EHow about trying The White Company’s brand new Lime & Bay collection, which looks nigh-on perfect for a wintery eve?

And staying in by the fire with a good book

9524308db4fd9bea244a56b807a424d8I recently finished Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld which is Pride and Prejudice reworked for the modern day: Lizzie is journalist, Darcy a doctor and Jane a yoga teacher. It’s hilarious and brilliant and spot-on. It’s also not out ’til April (sorry) so try one of the other Austen reworkings: Emma by Alexander McCall Smith and Joanna Trollope’s version of Sense and Sensibility. Tempting though it is think now is the time to tackle the One That Got Away (War & Peace/In Search of Lost Time/Crime and Punishment…), I suspect comfort reading (like comfort food) is what is called for right now.

And being grateful for these small joys can actually make you happier

Recent research shows that appreciating what you have makes you happier, healthier, more productive, and gives you more energy. We’ll take that. (With five children between us, we need all the extra energy we can get.)

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