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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Upon discovering that a lot of wrapping paper isn’t accepted for recycling, I resolved to opt for a more eco-friendly option – and turned to my old friend Pinterest for brown paper Christmas wrapping ideas. Should you be feeling the same – here’s a round-up of some of the best ideas. (Don’t worry: my tree is a testament to the ‘more is more’ festive adage so makes up for the modesty elsewhere.) I had absolutely no idea until this very month that not all wrapping paper is recyclable. There was I, dutifully stuffing it into my recycling bin, only to discover that many paper mills won’t accept it. So this Christmas I have resolved to wrap using brown paper only. (Aside from the big FC. He has his own paper, but I checked with him and it is recyclable.)

It turns out that I am way behind the curve. There are oodles of lovely ideas out there – ranging from the ‘anyone can do it’ to ‘requires a steady and possibly expert hand’. Here’s some of my favourite brown paper Christmas wrapping ideas – but please do send me yours!

Main image Decor Hint – all other images via Pinterest

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