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The Beauty Insider’s Monthly Miracles: English Mineral Makeup

If you’re anything like us, what you want from your beauty experts is not reams of columns about their experience at a gazillion pound a week spa nestled in a remote mountainside a 20 hour flight away. No, what you want to know is what works. Fortunately, beauty editor and our Beauty Insider Rachel Fiddes is a like-minded girl. There’s so much choice out there that the brain boggles – so with her new series, Monthly Miracles, Rachel presents her edit of the best. Granted, these products won’t always be super-cheap, but they will be worth investing in and they will WORK. Read on for her first hot tip……

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Update your make-up bag for spring

We’re back from our Easter break and are hop, skippedly jumpin’ excited that April has arrived on the scene in such a burst of sunshine. I mean, how amazing is this weather?! With this in mind, it’s time to shake off the last vestiges of winter and update your make-up bag. To help you along the way, our brilliant Beauty Insider Rachel Fiddes has picked 4 must-haves for this super-sunny spring.…

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The Beauty Insider…this is what you need to look hot right now

Yup, we know sometimes you just want to make it out of the house without scaring people, but other times (I’m thinking work/meetings/going OUT)  you do want to look pulled-together, chic and not in the least bit dated. Even perhaps like you look like you know what’s going on in the world. Which is where the fabulous Rachel Fiddes comes in. Having trawled the catwalk reports so you don’t have to, here’s her rundown of what beauty bits you need to buy to look hot right now….…

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The Beauty Insider…Glow Girl

To celebrate the safe arrival of Natasha’s second little bundle of joy (she’ll be needing some serious skin boosters in the next few weeks when the lack of sleep kicks in), and in response to requests for top tips on tired dull skin, this is Rachel Fiddes’ (aka The Beauty Insider) ultimate hit list of skin-saving, radiance-boosting tips, tricks and products. Trust us. Your skin needs this info……

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Rachel Fiddes: Top 10 Summer Beauty Savers

You may be feeling sunkissed and gorgeous after your summer break, but nothing wrecks skin and hair faster than a two week stint in the sun. All that chlorine, salt, sun and sand is enough to send our skin and hair into a serious beauty meltdown. But choose a few key beauty treats and you can undo the summer damage with our Top 10 Summer Savers……

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Rachel Fiddes: the ultimate guide to beauty on a budget (part two)

Hello! Welcome back! We are here, refreshed from our week off – although, really? Is that the right word? Looking after 3 children with no school/nursery to keep them occupied is FULL ON, not really refreshing. But forget about that. Today we are all about beauty. And beauty that doesn’t break the bank to be more precise. In this brilliant post our amazing Beauty Editor Rachel Fiddes talks about the best affordable beauty brands on the market. From Rimmel to The Body Shop, Revlon to Maybelline, she has the lowdown on great beauty brands that don’t cost the earth….…

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Rachel Fiddes: the ultimate guide to beauty on a budget (part one)

If you feel overwhelmed by sheer volume of choice when it comes to beauty purchases, you’re not alone – even for beauty editors it can be seriously confusing, and not made any easier by the huge gulf in prices. A heart-stoppingly expensive eye cream for £200 may actually not be any better than one for £15. As with the rise of inexpensive fashion from Top Shop, Uniqlo and Hennes, savvy fashion-forward beauty shoppers don’t give two hoots about pulling a budget brand out of their make-up bag. After all a great product is a great product however little it cost.  Some products are worth spending out on and some just aren’t. But where to save and where to splurge? And if you’re going to save, where to go for the best beauty bargains?…

Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs, £60, Legology
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The Beauty Insider on…Summer Beauty

Hurrah! It’s an exciting day for W&W with the first column from our amazing new Beauty Editor Rachel Fiddes (if you haven’t read it already, do read all about her very own beauty essentials here). With the lovely warm days of July upon us and holidays on the horizon (if you’re lucky), it’s time to think about summer beauty. From how to get your feet flip-flop ready to the best sunscreens from Lancome, Soltan and Ambre Solaire (and how to apply them), the secret to stopping your make-up slide off and the hottest nail colours from the likes of Nails Inc. and Butter London, Rachel has it – and a whole lot more – covered. Basically, it’s your summer beauty regime sorted……