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Sleep, anyone?

Hello, we’re Natasha and Alex and we are obsessed with sleep. Show us a mother of small (or smallish) children who isn’t. I’ve yet to meet one. In fact, I’ve discussed at both a school drop-off and pick-up this week. We just – literally – cannot get enough; even if you are blessed with good sleepers, somehow you’re always left wanting more. Which is why we’re dedicating this week to the pursuit of sleep.…


5 of the best scrubs without microbeads

Rub-a-dub-dub, we love a good scrub (your skin really thanks you for it), but what we don't love are all those tiny little microbeads that pollute the seas and kill all the fish. Definitely not cool. So whilst many face and body scrubs do contain microbeads, many - very good ones, in fact - don't, which means that you can happily carry on exfoliating safe in the knowledge that you are one totally eco-friendly beauty queen. Here's our pick of the best...…


Sunday Riley: the cult brand your skin is going to love

Now, my skin isn’t so bad that I have to leave the house with a bag over my head, but let’s face it, it could do better. Less of the congestion, not-so-fine lines, dullness and dryness and we could have a much happier relationship. Which is why, after a winter of waking up feeling dry and looking, quite frankly, TERRIFYING in the morning, I decided that enough was enough, and headed in pursuit of one of the hottest cult skincare lines on the block: Sunday Riley….…

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How to….look good the morning after

So, we’ve got your night out covered, thanks to Natasha’s fab Christmas party wear post and even what to wear the morning after, but c’mon, what on earth are we going to do with that face? If you, like me, are more ‘hangover beast’ than ‘beauty’, then you’ll be needing some help. And whilst, we’re not advocating trowelling on a trolley load of make-up, we do have a few fail-safe products up our sleeves. Oh yes, these products will sort those drink-induced/sleep-deprived/new baby dark circles and make you look like a young Kate Moss even after a Kate Moss-style night out……


This is England…

I’ve been meaning to write about this company for a while, ever since I first came across a bottle of their deliciously-scented products at a friend’s house last October……

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The Beauty Insider’s Monthly Miracles: English Mineral Makeup

If you’re anything like us, what you want from your beauty experts is not reams of columns about their experience at a gazillion pound a week spa nestled in a remote mountainside a 20 hour flight away. No, what you want to know is what works. Fortunately, beauty editor and our Beauty Insider Rachel Fiddes is a like-minded girl. There’s so much choice out there that the brain boggles – so with her new series, Monthly Miracles, Rachel presents her edit of the best. Granted, these products won’t always be super-cheap, but they will be worth investing in and they will WORK. Read on for her first hot tip……

Toleriane Ultra Intense Soothing Care, La Roche-Posay £17

Winter Skin Hero

I have said in the past that every new mother should really have an Alex (a friend who has a baby just before you do, and is a kind and trusted repository of knowledge on all matters child-related. Even this time ’round, I found myself SOS-ing Alex. It was she who told me the little man would crack sleeping by Christmas (he did). Not to sweat over naps, he’ll get it (he did.) Who lent me an abundance of mini blue clothes.). They should also – if they’re very lucky – have a Camilla. A Camilla in this instance is code for: new neighbour who moves in whilst you are both pregnant and has a baby around the same time as you do. Who also turns out to be a lovely, funny and a like-minded soul. And has an insider’s knowledge of beauty products as an added bonus. Camilla introduced me to a skincare saver so good, that I in turn want to share it with you….…


New Year, New Face?

It’s this time of year when winter really starts to show on your face. And, you’re right, it sucks. As much as moisturising like a mad thing can help (add a few drops of face oil to help with the dryness caused by central heating and bad weather), your skin can really do with a facial in January. And I’ve found a great treatment that not only perks up your face, but is also ridiculously relaxing……

ReviewsWeekend Wishlist

Objects of weekend lust….

Oh to look like this on the weekend, instead of slightly harassed and nowhere near as effortlessly pretty and rested. Perhaps if I buy this black and white Demylee Alex Sweater by J.Crew (excellent name btw) I will do? Or perhaps I should carry on using my latest skincare discovery……