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My Beauty Uniform: Camilla

It’s a welcome back for our Beauty Uniform today. Alex and I were chatting about this, and we realised that – much as we love asking industry insiders about their beauty know-how – on a day-to-day basis, it’s our friends we turn to for beauty tips: how do you get your skin looking that good? How on earth are your limbs that silky-smooth? What’s the elixir of youth? That kind of thing. With this in mind, I knew exactly who I wanted to ask/badger into revealing her secrets: my friend Camilla Marsh. We become friends when she and her husband Tom moved opposite us (we won the neighbour lottery that day) – and then she had her gorgeous little girl, Matilda, not long after I had my little boy. So, much of my maternity leave was spent hanging out with these two girls – and not once have I seen Camilla look less than immaculate. Part of this is innate (I’ve seen her mum – ditto on the immaculate front); part of it is down to her being lovely on the inside, too (it definitely counts); and part of it is her job. Camilla has worked for two of the…

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My Beauty Uniform: Anna-Marie Solowij of BeautyMART

An award-winning journalist with over 25 years experience in the industry (including six years as Beauty Director at Vogue) Anna-Marie Solowij is a serious guru when it comes to make-up and skincare. Together with esteemed make-up artist Millie Kendall, Anna-Marie founded BeautyMART a one-stop shop of pampering gorgeousness selling an edited selection of what Anna-Marie and Millie think are the best products out there. As an expert who has tried if not all, then a helluva lot of lotions and potions, we wanted to find out which ones she uses on herself……

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My Beauty Uniform: Millie Kendall of Beauty Mart

Millie Kendall is something of a legend in the beauty world. A make-up artist who together with Ruby Hammer launched the much-loved brand Ruby & Millie, she is one of the few make-up artists whose name is known not just by models, stylists and designers, but also by the public. Now, as co-founder of Beauty Mart (where you can find an expertly edited selection of products that really work) she has tried and tested countless products from well-known classics to high street brands and niche labels. We were therefore intrigued to find out what it is that she actually loves and uses (and a lot of it is very affordable)….…

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Style File: Louise Redknapp

Not only is Louise Redknapp a TV presenter, former pop star, a wife and mother of two young boys, she is also the co-founder of Wild about Beauty, a really quite brilliant paraben-free line of cosmetics. Created with her friend and make-up artist Kim Jacob, Wild about Beauty specialises in the kind of essentials you really need in your make-up bag. Over the last month I’ve been road-testing several of their products and I can truly say that they work (the Mattifying Balm is particularly brilliant for anyone with a shiny t-zone). We are needless to say thrilled that Louise, who lives in Surrey with her husband Jamie and two sons Charley and Beau, has opened up the secrets of her wardrobe for us. And, if after reading this, you want to know more about Louise’s fashion loves, do check out her fantastic blog A Style Album by Lou & Em.…

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My Beauty Uniform: Nicola de Burlet

The fabulously-named Nicola de Burlet is one of my favourite beauty insiders. Head of PR at Kenneth Green Associates, she is all enthusiasm and charm. She has nearly twenty years’ experience working with big name brands – you might just have heard of some of them: Chanel, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Terry de Gunzburg, Balmain,Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy… In short, there is nothing she doesn’t know about beauty and fragrance. Plus she is seriously glamorous with envy-inducing skin. Last time we met, I found myself scrutinising her complexion, thinking, “She has a full-on, high-powered job, a son and two step-sons. How in heaven’s name does she do it?” Finally, I now have a chance to find out……

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My Beauty Uniform: Jo Tutchener-Sharp, Founding Partner of Beauty Seen PR

As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for over 16 years and has founded her own highly-respected beauty PR company, Beauty Seen PR, representing some of the best brands on the planet (Carita, Shiseido and Revlon – to name but a few), Jo Tutchener-Sharp knows everything there is to know about skincare and make-up. Moreover, as mum to 16-month old Sonny, she has become an expert on how to look great when time is short and a small person is pulling feverishly at your ankle. For inside tips on the products to use to leave you looking awake, fresh and perky (even when you’re not), then Jo is most definitely your woman. Over to you Jo….…

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My (Beauty) Uniform: Grace Timothy, editor and blog queen

Hurrah! Grace is back! And, with a little twist on the usual ‘My Uniform’ formula, she’s here to tell you what a beauty ed simply cannot live without. (Have you checked out her blog, The Pregnant Beauty Guide, yet?) When I was growing up, makeup was always hovering overhead, a tantalising trapping of ‘being a grown up’. Then, as a gangly, boob-less woman, I could make it work in a way clothes just didn’t. I get clothes on other people – and worked in fashion for 4 years – but struggle to dress myself to great effect. I’m not that into it bags or perilous shoes, but I will always have THE season’s hottest colours… on my face. My uniform is all about the skin, lips, eyes and nails. So whatever sartorial error I’m making, at least I’ve got a bold lip to distract. Obviously as a beauty editor, I’m constantly trying new products. And yet there are a few gems I always return to……