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Winter warmer recipe: Persian Chicken by Cooking Them Healthy

January is the time of year when you want to eat delicious and hearty food that's also healthy, which is why I'm a huge fan of Cooking Them Healthy's recipes. Dreamed up by Georgie and Jo, a Chef and Nutritional Therapist, the website is full of hundreds of inspiring family-friendly recipes designed to boost your family's health throughout the year. Of special note are the Supercharged recipes, which focus on specific health challenges and really are worth checking out. But, before that, how about this recipe for Persian chicken, which fills the bill of 'delicious, hearty and healthy' food perfectly.…


Recipes from Bowls of Goodness by Nina Olssen

After a long winter of stodge, I am craving healthy, nutritious and delicious food. Step forward Nina Olsson, whose new book Bowls of Goodness had be at hello. The recipes - all vegetarian - look amazing, which is why we thought you'd like a sneak peak at two of the most tempting....…


Book now for a cooking demo and nutrition talk from Cooking Them Healthy

We’ve told you about Cooking Them Healthy before, right? That it’s one of our favourite foodie websites, chock full of fab family-friendly recipes and nutritional advice that is not only super-useful, but – unlike some healthy food websites –  easy to make, inexpensive and totally delicious. Well now, you can be part of the action as on 23rd April, the lovely co-founders Georgie and Jo, a chef and nutritional therapist, are running a brilliant cooking demonstration, in which they’ll share their top tips on nutrition, how to save time when cooking and handy hints on how to use your freezer, as well as showcasing a number of their favourite recipes. The demo is being held at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green in West London between 12-2.30pm and tickets are £45. So if you’re in town on that day, fancy a bit of inspiration from a thoroughly fab duo and a visit to one of London’s coolest pubs, then please book here!…


A delicious Easter chocolate recipe from Cooking Them Healthy

There are two things you might be thinking at the moment. a) how on earth is it Easter already? b) what on earth am I going to do to entertain small school-age people without any aforementioned school to go to? Unless you are jetting off to warmer  or snowier climes (and quite frankly if you are, then I am not jealous at all. Nope, not in the slightest. Not one bit AT ALL), then I have your answer: chocolate. So, when you’re done chucking various combinations (the kids’ Easter eggs/your Easter eggs/that last packet of mini Eggs you swore you wouldn’t eat in one go) down your neck, then you can follow this delicious – and believe it or not, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free –  recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from W&W favourites Cooking Them Healthy and not only have at least one child-friendly activity planned, but also even more chocolate to eat. Perfect……

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How to…cook the perfect Christmas Turkey by James Golding, chef director of The Pig

To avoid looking like total turkeys (and giving our families food poisoning) on the 25th December, we approached James Golding, chef director of the fabulous The Pig hotel group to ask just how he’d rustle up the perfect bird on Christmas Day. And, for all you turkey-phobes out there, check back later in the week for his delicious recipe for Braised Beef with Garden Vegetables……


Recipe Inspiration: a completely delicious fish curry from Cooking Them Healthy

Our favourite family recipe website, Cooking Them Healthy, has relaunched today. A one-stop shop of utterly delicious (and completely nutritious) recipes, nutritional advice, info on everything from ‘how much should my child be eating’ to how to stock a freezer, it’s provided us with a lot of ‘what the hell do I cook today?’ inspiration. To celebrate, Georgie and Jo (CTH’s chef and nutritionist) have created a ridiculously good fish curry, which is as perfect for children as it is for dinner parties. Enjoy!…