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Spring Update

Happy Easter! We are celebrating by eating many mini eggs (this is probably just me) and taking some time off to be with our families. Please come and visit us over on Instagram (@wearandwhere) and Twitter (@WearandWhereUK), where we’ll keep you posted as to our goings-on and any brilliant discoveries we make along the way. In the meantime, here’s just a few things we’ll be doing this week……

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Objects of weekend lust….

Oh to look like this on the weekend, instead of slightly harassed and nowhere near as effortlessly pretty and rested. Perhaps if I buy this black and white Demylee Alex Sweater by J.Crew (excellent name btw) I will do? Or perhaps I should carry on using my latest skincare discovery……

Party Penguin cashmere mix Xmas jumper by Tootsa MacGinty
DoWeekend Wishlist

Something for the weekend: The Best Christmas Jumper Ever

This Christmas jumper is more than just a madly adorable collaboration between Tootsa MacGinty and illustrator Nadia Shireen. Buy it, and 100% of the profit goes to Refuge, helping women and children escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives. If that’s not the best reason ever to sport a festive jumper, we don’t know what is.…

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Take me away

Right. Let’s do it. Let’s all save our pennies and treat ourselves to something. It’s November. We need it. Perhaps you’re hankering after a new sweater or maybe a loose pair of leather trousers? (Something’s happened to me. The fashion mafia have struck a spell over me and I actually rather fancy some.) Maybe there’s a pair of shoes you’ve been lusting after forever? Or a picture or a painting that would make you feel just that little bit happier? You could have a massage to ease those knots and lull you to sleep. Or maybe, just maybe you’d really rather love a weekend away. Which is where I come in….…

StyleWeekend Wishlist

Weekend Wishlist

From midi-skirts at London Fashion Week to the hottest nail colour du jour, picnic ideas for the last days of our (Indian) summer and the prettiest maps for children. We have the weekend covered….…

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Weekend Wishlist

So September has started, most schools are back and autumn is very nearly upon us. Gosh, that summer went fast. Whilst we were in the midst of it (those gloriously long, balmy days of June and July), it felt like it would last forever and I could hardly remember a time when it wasn’t light, when it wasn’t always hot and when I’d wear anything more than a pair of shorts, sandals and a top. But now sitting here in jeans and jumper, the nights drawing in and temperatures dropping, it feels as if it went in a flash. It reminds me of one of the most poignant things I have ever read about raising children – “the days are long, but the years are fast.” And, oh how they are! My son started school yesterday and it really does feel like only a few months ago that he was born. The passing of time isn’t something I particularly like, but as I can’t fight it, I try to do the next best thing, which is to treasure, if not every moment, lots of them. To enjoy the sound of my children laughing. To watch them run around outside. To…

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Weekend Wishlist: Boyfriend Jeans, a Home Essential and Two Hot New Reads

As d-day (or should that be b-day?) creeps ever-closer (we have a little more than two weeks to go – unless this mini makes an unscheduled early debut…) my thoughts turn to: nursery decor (packages are arriving daily and I promise to share a little guided tour when everything’s in situ) and how to rock maternity leave style. (Alongside the whole small matter of having a baby and thus two small people in our lives. Exciting/scary.)…