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Something (Pink) for the Weekend

I’m a little bit obsessed with this shoot. I love Sophia Coppola. I love the mood. I love this dress (the cover shoot was styled by Little Spree’s Sarah Clark. Why, yes, I do have a style crush on her…). I think it’s because I am feeling in the mood for pink.…

Potter's Workshop dinnerware, £8-£9, West Elm
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Weekend Wishlist

Today being the 4th July ‘n’ all, I bring you a special US-themed Wishlist in honour of our American readers (hello there!) From gorgeous work by LA-based photographer Max Wanger to an amazing new-to-me skincare brand Rodin, swoon-worthy interiors and the best places to stay in New York, here’s what I’m dreaming of this weekend..…

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Have you missed…?

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Something for the weekend

For someone who’s not the biggest sports fan, (what’s that you say? There’s something called the World Cup happening in Brazil?), I love tennis – and I really love Wimbledon. So in honour of the action in SW19, I give you an all-white weekend wishlist.…

DoWeekend Wishlist

Something for the weekend

From my dream J Crew swimsuit via the perfect Mango summer cover-up – and a Jamie Oliver fish stew. It’s a sweet, short weekend lust list from my Cornish holiday…

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Something for the Weekend: Scandi Style part 2

So easy. So laidback. So effortless. I am hoping that the reality is that quite a lot of thought goes into that apparent insouciance, but having – in the cause of a post – spent some considerable time pouring over Stockholm Streestyle, I have come to the conclusion that Scandi girls tend to have the genes and the knack for dressing well.…

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Something for the Weekend: Scandi Style part 1

Amongst my excellent birthday presents this year was this book, which in turn introduced me to the blog My Scandinavian Home. It’s set me off on a bit of a Scandi tip. Now, I’ve never actually been (but am longing to visit Stockholm having read how child-friendly it is – any tips most welcome), but I don’t need to visit to know how super-stylish those Scandis are. First up: interiors. (Come back later for a how-to get the Scandi streetstyle look.)…

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Something for the weekend: what to read and wear this summer

Why, yes, I look exactly like this when reading, thanks for asking… Actually, at the moment, you’re more likely to catch me in my maternity jeans or leggings (so. madly. comfortable.) and a striped top (Uniqlo, J Crew, Gap). It’s my de facto at home uniform – the leggings are what my three-year-old and I call “my cosies” (I get changed pretty much the minute I get through the door – after topping up on kisses with that little girl.) And we’re holidaying in Cornwall this year so barring any freak heatwaves in June, am unlikely to be seen supine and tanned in a bikini. But, as you know, any spare time I have (not a lot, I must admit) you’ll find me reading. The summer season is not great for television (and we don’t watch an awful lot anyway) and I just prefer the company of a book. Books are my friends. (I have actual real human friends, too, btw.) So I take my holiday reading list very seriously indeed. Here’s what I’ll be reading (and wearing) in Cornwall this June.…

DoWeekend Wishlist

Weekend Wishlist

Above is both what I wish I was doing this weekend – and how I looked whilst doing it. As I type, it is raining (and has been doing so pretty much all day; even the ducks looked put-out when we popped to the river to feed them) and I am wearing maternity leggings. My stomach will not be flat this summer, that much I know. But you could steal her casual chic, ‘oh I just threw this on over my bikini’ vibe with one of these covetable tops….…