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We want to live here: an architect’s stunning Sussex home

If there's one person who knows about creating the perfect kitchen, it's an architect who has designed their own. Having bought their dream house in the Sussex village in which she grew up, Sarah Breeze was able to do just that, extending the already beautiful house to create a stunning kitchen for her and her family. …

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We want to holiday here: Lary in the Scottish Highlands

Instagram is a funny old beast, but it can introduce you to fantastic feeds to follow and places to visit. Emily Salvesen's The Muddy Mummy is one such feed and her beautiful Scottish cottages (available to rent through air b'n'b are definitely ones to visit. We got the lowdown on Lary, the biggest of her stunning cottages, her decorating style and why the Highlands should be on everyone's must-visit list....…

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Why every home should have a gallery wall (part 1) PLUS 25% off Desenio

Out of all the pictures we've posted on Instagram, gallery walls are always among the most popular. It seems that everyone loves a gallery wall - relatively inexpensive to put together (although you could also go wild), gorgeous to look at and easy to change up by swapping in pictures as you see fit, the only issue is finding the time to hang one....…

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How to Create a Gallery Wall

We have a bit of A Thing for gallery walls. Looking at this picture of Lisa Dawson's staircase might actually make us swoon a little. So I thought I'd do a little post dedicated to how to create a gallery wall. …