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We want to live here: Tula Goodwin’s colourful Singapore home

Colour is always a good idea, especially when it comes to decorating. And, especially when it comes to pink. Which is why my heart fluttered a little when I saw pictures of Tula Goodwin's beautiful Singapore home. Tula, who lives in an Peranakan house with her husband Henry and 3 daughters also loves colour, "especially pink" and wanted her home to "be cosy and homely." With a beautiful mix of gorgeous fabrics, colonial-style furnishings and bright pops of colour, Tula's home is just the thing to swoon over on a grey old November day...…

HomeWe want to live here

We want to live here: Natalie Cardew of Wonder & Rah’s gorgeous London home

Forget magazines, Instagram is my go-to destination for shopping inspiration. From fashion to home to those things that you never knew you needed until you saw them and then KAPOW you have to have them NOW - it's a brilliant showcase for style. It's where I've made a number of great finds including, most recently, Wonder & Rah, a gorgeous brand selling original design-orientated wall art for children's rooms by the very talented Natalie Cardew. Of course, as soon as I saw the pictures of the home she shares with husband Chris, son Leo (4), daughter Robyn (2) and cats Biffy and Whitney, I knew we had to feature it and ask her more about her decorative style and how she got Wonder & Rah off the ground...…

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How to think (wear, decorate with) pink

Pink is the new black. Honestly. It’s true. And not just any pink – bright pink for preference. (My five-year-old will be delighted….) I don’t need any convincing to add it to my home or my wardrobe (you are talking to the woman who once had a hot pink themed Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of a December baby girl), but the question is: can I convince you?…

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Is 2017’s Colour of the Year the one for you?

I have no idea how trend-forecasters know these things, but know them they do, and thanks to the clever folk at Dulux, we now know that Denim Drift has been announced as 2017’s Colour of the Year. And it’s rather lovely, I must say. I know: I would say that as it has more than a hint of grey. But hark at that lovely smoky blue edge. Here are some blue hues you can get it into your home right now this minute, making you look so very previous. (Which is what some of the fashion team on the first magazine I ever worked on used to say when they meant ‘ahead of the curve’. At least, this is what I took it to mean…)…

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Back to School: Styling Your Workspace

The back to school feeling isn't just for children, you know. That new pencil case, freshly-sharpened pencils, unblemished exercise (sorry, note) book applies to grown-ups, too. As I write this, we are enjoying a weirdly warm spell in London (just in time for term to start...), but I love the promise of autumn: the crunch of leaves underfoot, crisp mornings, new school shoes (or just new shoes), Strictly, the promise of evenings curled up in front of the fire. I am feeling particularly back-to-school-ish this year.…