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Is 2017’s Colour of the Year the one for you?

I have no idea how trend-forecasters know these things, but know them they do, and thanks to the clever folk at Dulux, we now know that Denim Drift has been announced as 2017’s Colour of the Year. And it’s rather lovely, I must say. I know: I would say that as it has more than a hint of grey. But hark at that lovely smoky blue edge. Here are some blue hues you can get it into your home right now this minute, making you look so very previous. (Which is what some of the fashion team on the first magazine I ever worked on used to say when they meant ‘ahead of the curve’. At least, this is what I took it to mean…)…

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Heads Up: The interiors trend you’re going to love

From children's bedrooms to the most stylish of hallways, living rooms and kitchens, animal heads are the hottest new accessory to be hanging on your wall. Of course, we're not talking actual animal heads. Anyone who'd contemplate hanging up a real giraffe or elephant's head is a serious four-letter-word in my book. Oh no, we mean the faux, kitsch kind of animal head. We're talking zebras with rainbow manes, tigers and unicorns. And who wouldn't want a unicorn to greet you in the morning?…

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Instant home update: cool cushions chosen by Interior Designer Laura Stephens

"Show me a woman who doesn't love cushions and I'll show a cat who won't drink milk," the wise man so didn't say. But you get the picture. Cushions are just THE business when it comes to injecting a little pizazz into your room."I can’t get enough of scatter cushions," agrees Laura Stephens, our go-to girl for all things interiors-related. "So easy to change up your look, soften a room and inject colour. And the best thing is you can buy gorgeous cushions to freshen up a tired room, or neutral sofa without spending a fortune…." Here are some of the best she's come across recently....…

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Hot home update: 7 black and gold table lamps to lust after

It’s funny how you can go your whole life without particularly thinking about something and then suddenly, one day, wake up desperately wanting that aforementioned thing so much, you can’t possibly imagine your life/living room/lunch without it. Which is exactly how I currently feel about Greek Salad and rather more interestingly, black and gold table lamps……