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Littlest room love

It is no word of a lie to say that, amongst the very many wonderful things motherhood has brought to my life, it has also given me a new outlet for my retail endeavours a.k.a. love of shopping.  Creating a nursery for C has been such fun (as Miranda’s mother would say) – and I love that it is very small, very sweet, but not too madly pink and girly (we didn’t find out what flavour we were having before she was born, so the room had to suit either sexl). As she grows and develops her own, very decided, personality, I am tweaking as we go (she is fond of finding certain letters, so I picked up this set of Liberty-print alphabet letters from Zara Home (with plans to string them along a fine cord on her bedroom wall). Educational and Liberty-print, what more can a girl ask?The): But what I really, really want right about now, is a shopping spree at Land of Nod – Crate & Barrel’s (the US interiors’ store behemoth – more of which anon) junior offshoot, which – as of right NOW – ships to the UK. The bedding (above) is right at the top of…