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3 Fashion Editor Tricks to Steal

You know that some women always look fabulous – without, it would seem, even trying? I have studied these creatures up close, first hand, every day for years. I can reveal two things: that not every single fashion editor you meet has a style you want to steal (not everyone wants to channel craziness, and that a lot of that great look involves how they wear their clothes. Here are three tricks you can totally steal……

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Zero Time, Max Style: The Cable Knit

Can we discuss the cable knit jumper? Once the province of fishermen, it is now everywhere. I recall having one as a child and loathing it. Ah, how little taste I had. (Evidence: I preferred a vile yellow jumper bestrewn with whimsical teddies. Am actually shuddering at the memory. And mentally congratulating my mother on letting me find my own sartorial course. See, mum? It worked out okay in the end.) But now? Now, I am all about the insouciance of a cable knit. And for AW, it’s a shortcut to style.…

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Best Dress

This dress has been my find of the (ironic laugh) summer. I was taking something back to Topshop (you know, one of those, “I’m actually making money” scenarios) when I saw it. It was love at first sight. The print, the length, the fluted sleeves, the chic of it. What you can’t see from this picture is that it laces up the sides, thus saving it from being overly prim. I am a big fan of the simplicity of a dress: throw on and be done. It’s also supremely on trend for AW( (just swap the sandals for shoes) – so it’s a canny investment. (See also the blue version – with a demure higher neckline). Autumn Floral Print Tie-Side Dress, £48, Topshop…

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Zero Time, Max Style: The Investment Piece

I love the simplicity of investing in one great piece. It takes the fuss out of shopping when you think, “Right, I have £x to spend and that whole sum will be given to the perfect y“. And then that perfect y component, whatever it might be, comes along and makes all the difference to your wardrobe. Come to think of it, this could well be the grown-up approach to shopping (about time, some might think.)…

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Zero Time, Max Style: The Embellished Jacket

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned before that I am very much in favour of the embellished jacket – as I am in favour of anything which makes getting dressed easier/faster (I can be terribly indecisive when it comes to deciding what to wear. I can forsee that I will need to become one of those women who plan their outfit the night before when I return to work.) But throw on a jacket and it instantly upgrades your outfit – even if you’re only wearing jeans and a t-shirt underneath.…

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How to look fashionable without looking a fool

Now, we’re not talking crazy fashionable; the Anna Dello Russos (the eccentric Editor-at-Large of Vogue Japan), Daphne Guinnesses or Susie Bubbles (mega-blogger) of this world, nor any of other of the more eccentrically dressed fashion-plates you see photographed during Fashion Month. The women we want to look like are the perennially chic, grown-up ones; the Sarah Harris’s (Vogue’s Fashion Features Director), Caroline Issas (Fashion Director of Tank magazine), Emmanuelle Alts (French Vogue) and Yasmin Sewells. These women are grown-up, groomed and know how to look good – without looking too fashion. And, with just a little tweak here and there, these looks would be perfect for you……

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How to wear….leather leggings

C’mon, be honest. If I threw a pair of leather leggings at you and demanded that you wear them. Would you a) throw your hands up in horror and scream ‘could there possibly be anything less flattering?’ b) think, well ok, but won’t I just look like some tragic MILF-wannabee? or c) say yes, of course, I am Miss Whiplash. The answer is obviously none of the above. I’m a bit late for the leather leggings train. Although it’s not for want of trying. It’s just that none of the previous pairs I tried suited me. My legs looked sausage-y or too shiny or I just felt wrong. But, Natasha (an early convert) urged me to keep trying, eventually persuading me into a faux pair from Topshop. And since then, I have hardly taken a foot out of them. Despite the fact that I have ‘You’re the one that I want’ on permanent loop around my head, I love them. So warm! So flattering (yes, really) and at just £20, pretty darn cheap. A looser, baggier style may currently be more fashionable, but the skinnier ones have become a modern classic. The easy, comfortable answer to many a sartorial dilemma. But what…

Striped skirt, £xx, Topshop
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What do you wear to meet a supermodel?

Or anyone a little intimidating in fact? Today I’m off to interview an incredibly tall, incredibly glamorous and incredibly famous supermodel who has at least 8 inches and a lifetime of fabulous living on me. Obviously, I’m going to feel like a short arse standing next her (thank goodness we’ll be sitting), but I don’t want to feel dowdy. So just what do I – or you  – wear when you want to feel professional, pulled-together and perfectly able to hold your own against someone who has it seriously going on? This is what I’m thinking….…