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Zara Simon’s insider guide to Ibiza with kids

If there’s one person who knows about Ibiza as a family-friendly destination, then it’s jewellery designer Zara Simon. Holidaying there for the last 21 years – first as a child, and now with a child – she knows almost all there is to know about what to do and where to go with kids in tow. *Warning* This will make you want to book a holiday RIGHT NOW….…

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Time to book a holiday? 3 great villas for a sun-filled summer escape

Looks good, huh? Maybe just a teensy bit better than what you’re doing right now? (*stares out of window at the grey rain-sodden sky and returns with a sob to her computer*) If so, why not make it a reality? With the weather being quite frankly unreliable, I am seriously craving proper sunshine and when an email about hot new villa company Oliver’s Travels popped into my inbox, I was all over it like a skinny fashionista at the Chanel sample sale. With 2000 properties on their books and clients spending an average of £39 per person, per night, the villas aren’t only gorgeous (we’re talking converted windmills, trulli and glass houses), but also not break-the-bank expensive and great for big family gatherings or groups of friends travelling together. Here are 3 that I’m currently dreaming of….…

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Insider’s Guide: Corsica

I have just returned from a blissful trip to Corsica (as you will know if you follow us on Instagram) where the beaches really do feel like you are stepping into a postcard. This was our third trip – and certainly not our last. There is a lot to love about this island. The beaches, the weather, the scenery, the wine, the cheese……

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UK Travel: Time to go glamping?

Blame it on the sunshine, the long, light-filled days or the fact that the countryside is unspeakably beautiful at this time of year, but I really quite like the idea of sleeping in a field. Of course, I don’t mean literally doing that (do you think I’m mad?) or even pitching a tent and getting all girl scout (I’ve had quite enough AWFUL tent experiences at festivals to stop me from contemplating that) No, what I quite clearly mean is ‘glamping’ and while I’m not quite sure about the actual word, I’m pretty into the concept of sleeping in a lovely, luxury yurt/caravan/hut. Here’s where I have my eye on….…

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The experts guide to travelling with Children

There must be people who find the whole travelling with small children a big adventure. Let me say now I do not know any of these people, but I am sure they exist. For the rest of us, it’s Mission: Survival to get to our destination. We flew to Corsica last week – our first flight with two small people. As it was over the smallest’s lunchtime nap I thought, ‘Easy. He’s a chilled out chap, he’ll sleep on the plane’. I had reckoned without teething and an awful cough and cold rendering him more fretful than usual. He kept dropping of – and then waking almost immediately, sobbing…just as his sister spilled apple juice all over herself and her seat. What wisdom have I gleaned from this experience? Do not bank on anything. If the child does not want to sleep, desist in your attempts to persuade him (he was as merry as a grig once I gave in). Beware of liquids in small spaces. Never travel without oodles of stickers, baby wipes, a cosy blanket or wrap (we took this one) and a change of clothes. Fortunately, there are people who are far better at these things than…

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Desperate for some sunshine? 4 luxurious resorts for under-fives

New Year. New You. New upbeat mentality? Well, yes, that was the resolution, but grey, rainy days and long afternoons spent inside can dampen even the happiest of spirits. If you’re in need of something to look forward to in the dark depths of winter, then how about booking a holiday to one of these gorgeous destinations?…

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How to…book a family holiday by Tamara Heber-Percy of Mr & Mrs Smith

You probably have your summer holiday plans sorted. If not, don’t worry, we have help at hand from the very knowledgeable and very lovely Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith. Having just launched Smith & Family, a new collection of hotels cherry-picked for parents with children in tow, working mum Tamara knows everything there is to know about gorgeous hotels, travelling with kids and choosing the right place for ALL the family. Even if this summer’s trip is well and truly planned, there are still future holidays to think about, so don’t book without reading this first. Happy Holidays!…

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Weekend Wishlist

This Weekend Wishlist is dedicated to holidays. It’s the end of February. It’s (with the odd exceptional day) miserable and I, for one, am dreaming of jetting away somewhere a little less rainy. A place, perhaps, where sunshine is (almost) guaranteed, where it’s warm day and night, and where drinking rose is practically law. Being the last year in a long time that we’ll be able to go away in June (yes, ‘big school’ is just around the corner), I’m thinking Portugal, Greece, perhaps Southern Italy – all places, in fact, that you can visit early or late in the season thereby missing the steep prices and the hoardes (although saying that, these destinations are also completely lovely at the height of August). This weekend, I’m thinking about luxury hotels (you gotta dream). In another post I’ll cover European villas and apartments, then European hotels for a child-free break and after that five great holidays in the UK – as even with the ropey weather, I do love a British holiday……

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Ready for a holiday?

We definitely are. So meet Cass Chapman. Cass is the founder and director of Kodomo, an altogether brilliant website which curates the best luxury family holidays: so that’s your holiday sourced, impeccably reviewed, and you can book via the site. Genius. As a food and travel journalist, Cass has written for Vogue, Glamour, The Sunday Times and CN Traveller – and roamed the globe, but now lives an idyllic-sounding life by the sea with her husband Jamie and daughter, the adorable Lola. She is thus perfectly placed to tell us exactly what to book for the school holidays……

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Snow much fun: How to…book a family ski holiday

One of the best things about winter is the chance to go skiing. While I’m hardly a regular on the slopes these days, I do love a skiing holiday and especially love the idea of taking my boys when they get older (we tried taking them this year, but at 2 1/2 and 6 months, it was more about building snowmen than serious slope time). To make things a little easier for anyone thinking of heading off to the mountains, we’ve asked Charlie and Rory of Camel Snow, the brilliant bespoke ski holiday specialists for their top tips on booking a family skiing holiday..…