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Somewhere for the weekend?

Sitting with a friend over coffee this week, we discussed the pure joy of a weekend away. Without children! In Paris! Who wouldn’t love that? In fact, who doesn’t love a weekend away full stop? A lovely hotel, an escape from your daily routine, time out to relax – it’s basically a recharge for the soul. There are of course, several types of weekend away – all fabulous, all a little different – for example, the couples-only-escape-from-the-kids weekend, the friends-only-escape-from-the-husband weekend, the mother/daughter weekend, the mother/son weekend…. And then there’s the family weekend away. Arguably less relaxing, but none-the-less enjoyable (bar the times when the novovirus strikes), the family weekend away is great because even though you’re up early and on-the-go all day, you’re still away from your to-do list, your pile of washing, your work, that nagging bit of painting you keep meaning to do…It’s just you, your husband and kids – hopefully having fun. In that spirit, my weekend wish list is ALL about heading off for a night or two. In fact, as I type, Natasha is doing just that, spending a glorious night away with her best friend at the to-die-for Limewood hotel in Hampshire. Now,…

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Weekend Wishlist

I love spas. I mean I really love spas. Although who doesn’t? My view on it is that people who say they don’t like spas just haven’t been to the right one yet. I’ve had a few dodgy treatments in my time (the less said about the bespectacled, trainer-shod creep who attempted a massage at a luxury hotel in Crete a few years ago, the better – and yes, leaving 1/2 way through a treatment because you don’t like it is perfectly acceptable). But the spas and retreats that get it right? Oh wow. I want to pack my bags and move there for good. If you’re feeling particularly generous this Mother’s Day weekend, then pack her off (or why not join her?) at one of these little beauties. It’s definitely where I’d love to be this weekend (instead of IKEA which is where we are going – my slightly bizarre choice!)…

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Weekend Wishlist

This Weekend Wishlist is dedicated to holidays. It’s the end of February. It’s (with the odd exceptional day) miserable and I, for one, am dreaming of jetting away somewhere a little less rainy. A place, perhaps, where sunshine is (almost) guaranteed, where it’s warm day and night, and where drinking rose is practically law. Being the last year in a long time that we’ll be able to go away in June (yes, ‘big school’ is just around the corner), I’m thinking Portugal, Greece, perhaps Southern Italy – all places, in fact, that you can visit early or late in the season thereby missing the steep prices and the hoardes (although saying that, these destinations are also completely lovely at the height of August). This weekend, I’m thinking about luxury hotels (you gotta dream). In another post I’ll cover European villas and apartments, then European hotels for a child-free break and after that five great holidays in the UK – as even with the ropey weather, I do love a British holiday……

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Holiday Inspiration: Bestselling author Tasmina Perry opens her Little Black Travel Book

Not only is Tasmina Perry one of W&W’s favourite people and a best-selling author and journalist with 8 Sunday Times best-selling novels to her name, she is also something of a travel guru. I first met Tammy ten years ago (yikes! has it really been that long?!) when we worked together firstly at In Style and then at Jaunt, a brilliant travel magazine she founded with her husband John. Ever since I’ve known her, Tammy has had a passion for travel and is a font of all knowledge when it comes to fabulous destinations, inspiring get-aways and clever ideas about how to make the most of your holiday. Together with John and son Fin, she has jetted around the globe, staying in gorgeous hotels, organising house swaps and visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet.…

Barnsley House Exterior
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Heaven is a place on earth: Barnsley House, Gloucestershire

In a past life (not so long ago, just a little different to this one) I was a Travel Editor. Which, to answer the question everyone asked was, Yes, it was the best job in the world (although don’t shoot me – I never stayed in places for longer than 3 nights, was paid a pittance and jet lag is still jet lag, no matter how beautifully it’s packaged). The downside however, is that it has made me incredibly picky when it comes to hotels. It’s not about cost – nothing thrills me more than discovering a brilliant, gorgeous, thoughtful hotel for under £100 a night – but it is about showing a little imagination, a lot of care and making you, the guest, feel special for staying there. Which is why I fell completely head over in heels in love with Barnsley House in Gloucestershire. So much thought, care and consideration has been poured into this place, that you know the minute you walk in the door that you’re in hotel heaven.…

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Just a little place I know…Le Dokhan’s, Paris

Paris. Who wouldn’t want to go there? I love Paris – in the autumn, winter, spring or summer, it is simply wonderful. A very good friend of mine has recently returned from a weekend staying at The Raddisson Blue Le Dokhan’s, a hotel I visited many moons ago when it was under the Sofitel umbrella. Now, don’t get put off by the corporate ownership, this is a romantic little gem with killer design (the old-school lift made to look like a Louis Vuitton trunk is fab-u-lous), gorgeous rooms (most with balconies) and a very grown-up champagne bar where you can work your way through 70 different varieties. All in one weekend? Perhaps not, but the possibility is there.…

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The ultimate travel guru: Mr & Mrs Smith founder Tamara Heber-Percy opens her Little Black Book

When it comes to amazing hotels, there’s little, if nothing, that Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder of Mr & Mrs Smith doesn’t know. Together with husband James, Tamara launched Mr & Mrs Smith in 2002 and the company has gone from strength to strength spanning books, an amazing online booking site and a new venture Smith & Family focusing on the best child-friendly hotels in the world. Based in London where she lives with James and her two children Tom (6) and Alexandra (3), Tamara has opened her Little Black Book to reveal her travel secrets to us. Don’t book a holiday without reading this first……

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Somewhere for the weekend? The Wild Rabbit is the place to stay this autumn.

At Wear & Where we’re always on the hunt for gorgeous little boutique hotels, b&b’s and restaurants with rooms that are super-stylish but don’t cost the earth, which is why we are ridiculously excited about The Wild Rabbit in Oxfordshire. Located in the ridiculously pretty village of Kingham (all honey-coloured stone and make-you-want-to-move-there countryside) and part of the terribly chic Daylesford empire, The Wild Rabbit is a pub/restaurant with 12 individually-decorated rooms, delicious food and a brilliant selection of wine and artisan beers. Just the place to eat, drink and go to sleep a little merry. Small rooms from just £105 per double.…

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Time to escape: 5 of the best UK escapes for right now

Sometimes, you just need to get away. And while a two-week holiday in Thailand might be what you really, really want, a night or two away in the UK can seriously help you unwind, destress and feel vaguely human again. And, what could be better than a gorgeous hotel that costs less than £200 a night?…

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Is Calcot Manor the best family hotel in the UK? Quite possibly…

Calcot Manor. Two words to set my heart aflutter. Having wanted to visit for years, we finally made the trip to Gloucestershire a few weeks ago and at several points during our weekend, seriously contemplated changing the locks and refusing to leave. Yes. If you have children and don't or can't leave them for a weekend, it's that good. The problem I've previously found with many child-friendly hotels is that they're just not that chic. Obviously I understand that luxury and small children are a slightly incompatible mix, but somehow, Calcot Manor manages to do it. And do it, amazingly.…