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Desk Makeover (a.k.a. Creating a Insta-friendly Workspace)

I have never been one of those people who can work in a mess. I love a tidy desk. Some creative types might thrive on disorder, but I find it deeply distracting. It shrieks “Tidy Me!” when I ought to be writing. (I had lunch with my husband the other week and we met at his office. I nearly had palpitations when I saw the state of his desk. It haunts me still.) So when Paperchase asked if I could be tempted to zhuzh my desk with their Refresh & Reboot collection, my answer was ‘where do I sign?’.* Also – who can resist a makeover? 

*Full disclosure: my first question was, ‘what does the collection look like?’ because, you know, functional but stylish. Tidy but pretty. This stuff matters. I spend a lot of time at my desk.

I don’t have my own office space – I am tucked up in the attic eyrie, in a corner of the loft room. It’s bijou and very white and simple, less ‘decorated’ than the rest of the house because we deliberately kept the space calm and neutral. (It does triple-service: spare room, piano practice, office.)

Obviously, my desk wasn’t a total tip beforehand. But it hadn’t changed since I went freelance nearly a year and half ago. It was looking a bit, ‘oh this again’. I had become so accustomed to traipsing up there with my cup of coffee that I had stopped seeing it – if you know what I mean? And it lacked sparkle and – I suddenly saw – proper systems. I just chucked invites/press releases/receipts/contracts into one file. Not the pinnacle of organisation.

I don’t ask much (okay, not that much) from my working environment. I like a window, flowers, coffee (obviously) and plenty of notebooks. (I stash stationery like there’s a paper shortage.) I still make notes. I love a newly-sharpened pencil and a blank page. It still has that whiff of back-to-school about it. (Yes, I was a swot at school. Bet you’re utterly unsurprised to learn that.) Having a mini desk makeover was a little like the start of term. It can’t be a coincidence that I’ve been incredibly busy, work-wise, since the revamp. Can it?

Ta da! Streamlined, Insta-friendly and organised.

Clockwise from left: Peony candle, £6; Ceramic pen tray, £5; Three-piece ceramic desk tidy, £10; A5 Padfolio, £6.50;Gold envelope paperclips, £3; In-tray, £12; Weekly planner, £6; Mug, £8; A4 notebook, £8; Magazine file (sold out, but try this letter rack which I think I might need in my life….)

Weekly planner, £6; Storage wallets, £12 for two; Desk tidy set, £13.50; Scissors, £6

Now, I chuck everything which needs to be actioned into my in-tray, before transferring them into pretty storage wallets. Clever, eh? I love the gold additions so much I want to lick them. (But won’t.) I’m planning to add this letter rack to my desk next.

All credits Paperchase: Three-piece weekly planner set, £17.90; Gold envelope paperclips, £3; Peony candle, £6; Storage wallets, £12 for two;  A5 notebook, £8; Set of three exercise books, £8; Gold binder clips, £3 for a set of 10; In-tray, £12; Three-piece ceramic desk tidy, £10; Scissors, £6; Gold binder clips, £3 for a set of 10


This post was in collaboration with Paperchase, but all words, styling and opinions my own. Shop the collection here. 

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