5 things I’ve learned about parenting by Lucinda Robins, founder of The London Mummy


Not just for Londoners, The London Mummy is a fantastic (and beautiful) blog from former Fashion PR (and founder of curated shopping site TLM Edit) Lucinda Robins focusing on fashion, family, activities, beauty and interiors. As a mother of 3 she’s been on her very own parenting trip for the last 5 years and unsurprisingly, has picked up a few great tips and insights along the way – such as, “you will never have the perfect family.” We couldn’t agree more…


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Become your family’s film director

Take as many videos as possible (horizontally if you are taking them on an iphone!) My children love watching videos more than perusing photos as it really captures what they were like. It also helps if you commentate and say what age the children are and what stage they are at. Slightly cringey at the time but helpful when you go back and watch them!

…but also make sure you enjoy the moment

Saying that, it’s important to put away your phone and enjoy the moment too. So often I have been desperately trying to capture something and haven’t managed to enjoy what I was watching them do. If you are keen to get footage of a special moment like first nativity or sports day, make a deal with a mum in the same class to take photos or videos of each other’s children to swap later on.

Be frugal with their wardrobes

Don’t spend too much money on clothes before they have hit about 3 as they are out of them so quickly during those early years. I often joked that my children had a better wardrobe than me when they were babies – such a waste of money.  (We are now about neck & neck)

Pick your battles

You will never have the perfect family, parenting style or child so pick your battles. Discuss with your other half what’s important to both of you ie. table manners/family time/getting dressed. Don’t come down too hard on everything – remember they are only little. However, a wise woman once said ‘if you get it right at the beginning then the rest will be plain sailing!’ Oh to find the right balance!

Don’t worry and don’t compare

Don’t worry what other people are doing or saying. People tend to exaggerate anyway! The more perfect someone looks from the outside the more they are struggling inside. A great way to become closer to someone, especially that grey area of making new friends as an adult, is to let your side down and show some vulnerability.


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