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Hot home update: 7 black and gold table lamps to lust after


It’s funny how you can go your whole life without particularly thinking about something and then suddenly, one day, wake up desperately wanting that aforementioned thing so much, you can’t possibly imagine your life/living room/lunch without it. Which is exactly how I currently feel about Greek Salad and rather more interestingly, black and gold table lamps…


Maybe it’s to do with our newly painted grey shelves (head on over to Instagram to check them out), in fact it’s a lot to do with our newly painted grey shelves, but for the past couple of weeks I have been dreaming about buying a black and gold table lamp. There’s something quite dramatic about the colour combo, not to mention the fact that they somehow seem to tick the contemporary and classic boxes at the same time. At least this one from M&S (above, £179) does. I love it so much, I’ve asked for it for my upcoming birthday.


And then we have the kitsch option. As Natasha pointed out a few weeks ago, pineapples are very now, so how about this black and silver pineapple lamp from Graham & Green (£125)?


If you’re looking to spend a bit, then how about throwing your pennies at this? It’s waaay out of my budget, but this Heathfield & Co gold leaf lamp is pretty darn fancy. £553.


Talking of expensive things, I adore this Porta Romana lamp, which quite clearly costs so much money, it’s ‘price on application’….


And then, one more expensive one, because it’s too beautiful to ignore. This Yves Antique lamp from lighting specialists Heathfield & Co. is just one of the many beautiful black/gold lamps to covet….


And then we have an affordable option, which works well if you’re after a country house look in either a totally ironic or non-ironic way…..£49.50


Finally, I’m not sure if it’s exactly ‘black and gold’, maybe more of dark brown (it’s hard to tell), but this lamp is such good value, it just wouldn’t be right to ignore it.£35.99 (down from £90) BHS.

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