How to Ace Mother’s Day


You know we’re big fans of mamas. Our own. Our friends who are mamas. All the mothers out there, in fact. It’s a tough job, but we love it. And we love our mothers. So the wonderful Ruth from All for Love London (who, last week, made me the most beautiful bouquet for my wedding anniversary) has shared her top tips for ensuring you send (or, ahem, receive) the best flowers ever…IMG-74

“Sunday 15th of March is this year’s date entirely dedicated to all the mums out there and, gosh, don’t you all deserve a large dose of treating, along with an equally large side order of tlc! I can’t help so much with the breakfast in bed thing (someone really should start that up as a Sunday morning home delivery service!) but I can help with flowers. Nothing says ‘Thank you, Mum’ better than an over-sized, beautiful bouquet of flowers. I realize I’m super biased, but they really are the best love offering. The question is, just which bunch do you opt for? The choice can be overwhelming… Pastels, whites, springs, brights,to rose or not to rose, or even, to single rose? (I’m always preaching the impact of a single rose!) Generally speaking, it really doesn’t matter of course. Any mummy will simply be delighted by the delicious thought, but there are maybe a couple of (seemingly obvious, perhaps) pointers to go by nonetheless.

Know your Mum

It’s true that all flowers are beautiful. It’s also true that all Mums love all flowers (especially when given by their babies– of whatever age!), but of course, she will have her faves and her not so faves. Don’t shower her in lilac roses if bright orange is more her thing. Just tell your florist the colours your Mum likes best and they will put a lovely mix of complimentary blooms together for you, in your preferred shade.

Know your Flowers (ish)

As with the colour thing, take note of her flower preference if you can. There are so many flowers available in all the colours of the rainbow so don’t think you have to just go for roses because they are the only flowers you know that come in pale pink! Equally, avoid sending lilies if she has a thing for freesia or tulips or anemones. Be creative with your choice and (excuse the pun) branch out!


The Meaning of flowers

I’m all about the language of flowers at the moment, where literally each flower symbolizes a specific emotion or feeling. Floriography is a Victorian art but its one to be brought back in my opinion! The pink rose denotes ‘pure love’, the freesia, ‘lasting friendship’, the daffodil, ‘new beginnings’, the hydrangea, ‘thank you’, alstromeria for ‘devotion’ and so on and so on. Not one to get bogged down in too much, but a nice extra little touch if you want your flowery bunch to speak even louder and more pertinently on that Sunday morning than they already will.”

Visit Ruth – and order flowers – here. For more floral inspiration follow her on Instagram (@allforlovelondon); Facebook (allforlovelondon); and Twitter (@all4lovelondon)


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