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NCORRETT portraitThis is the lovely Natasha Corrett. Natasha is the founder of Honestly Healthy which is so much more than a diet: it’s a whole healthier lifestyle. I’ve met Natasha and can confirm that she actually glows – so it definitely works. She also has a fabulous new cookbook, Honestly Healthy for Life, published this very day. Her website is a treasure trove of recipes, advice and inspiration.

Honestly Healthy for Life: Healthy Alternative for Everyday Living, by Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson is published today (Jacqui Small). Buy it here.

What’s the philosophy behind Honestly Healthy?

We are all about alkaline food. Dishes, treats and smoothies that truly nourish you from the inside out so that you look and feel amazing. The alkaline way is about balancing the pH levels of your blood. Your body functions at its best when at a pH of 7.35 so by maintaining this level with alkaline ingredients you will relieve the stress on your body so that you look and feel amazing. We do not believe in dieting but promote integrating healthy choices into your lifestyle – that means treats too, everything from brownies to pizzas, but all made with ingredients that do our bodies the power of good.

What are your top five health-boosting (but totally delicious) foods? 

Tamari is a constant in my kitchen. Tamari is a gluten and yeast free alternative to soy sauce. It has a deep malty flavour and transforms any Asian dish.

Coconut oil. I use this for so many things – as an alternative to butter on toast & crackers, in my baking and for making treats like my Mango & Coconut Balls. There are so many health related reasons to eat coconut oil – would not know where to start.

Green Smoothies – people think that just because they are green that they are going to taste too ‘healthy’ but they are always surprised when they have one! I often have a big one for breakfast – they are one of the most alkaline things to start the day with and do amazing things for your digestive system.

Dill – one of my favourite herbs of all times. Herbs will transform a dish from bland to amazing. My dill dressing is my go to dressing to liven up a salad.

Chia Seeds – they are the richest source of plant based omega 3 and are amazing for your skin. They are so versatile too and I use them in everything from porridge to bread to baking to crackers.

What’s a great dish you can whip up really quickly but is still packed with goodness? (i.e. When you get in from work and have NO time.)

I recently put up my Superfood Sweet Potato recipe on the site – it is such an easy and nutritious one – everyone loves it.

And what about a meal you can make and take to work for lunch (as this is where most people fall down on the healthy ladder, I think…)?

We have got loads of tips to help with this in our new cookbook Honestly Healthy For Life – a tip is to prepare a batch of 2-3 different types of grains on a Sunday and keep them in the fridge. Grab some herbs, root veg and a couple of green veggies with your Sunday shop too. Each night, roast up some of your root veg (i.e beetroot) and chop up a generous amount of herbs (i.e dill) and mix then in with about 1 cup of the mixed grains (i.e brown rice & puy lentils). Finally mix through your greens (i.e spiralised courgette or a large handful of rocket) and dress with your favourite dressing (i.e dill or tahini dressing). It’s so easy, especially if you have a batch of a couple of the dressings prepared in the fridge.Fridge Fill

Please can you recommend a super healthy recipe to cook for the whole family (including little eaters!)?

We always get people asking what the recipe is for our breakfast green smoothies that we include in Fridge Fill – kids seem to love them. Try our Spaghetti Squash Patties or the Aubergine With Cashew Pesto

And what about a recipe for a sweet tooth – can you be Honestly Healthy and satisfy your chocolate cravings?!

Of course! One of my favourite things to do is to make naughty recipes the healthy way. Otherwise our Gooey Vegan Chocolate Brownies are a winner and we have lots more in our cookbooks and on the website. Denying yourself of the things you love is not good or sustainable. All you need to do is find a healthy alternative – so much easier than you think!


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