1. Ask about the artist, and how the piece was made. Like many art dealers I work closely with my artists, and enjoy finding out how they make their work, what their inspirations are – anecdotes that I love sharing with customers to help them feel a closer connection to the artist and the artwork.

2. Go with an open mind – sometimes you might think you want an oil painting but then you fall in love with a photograph or a sculpture instead!

3. Sleep on it. We are happy for customers to take work away to live with for a few days, giving you a chance to discuss the piece with partners and family before committing to it.

4. Check out art fairs like the Affordable Art Fair where you can see over 100 galleries (including Will’s Art Warehouse) in one fun day out.

5. Trust your taste. Don’t feel intimidated by buying art, the most important consideration is how you respond to the piece on a very personal level. Buy what you love. Whether or not it goes up in value, you will have the pleasure of its company for many years to come, and may even pass it on to the next generation.

But most of all – ENJOY the flutter you feel when you finally find the piece for you – it will feel right and will make you tick every time you look at it.