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Vogue-Spain-June-2012-Bikini-Bottom-UndrestIt probably won’t have escaped your attention that it is swimsuit season. The time of year when the nation’s women collectively pull in their tummies, straighten up their spines and secretly pray that their thighs won’t wobble too much as they strut down the beach on holiday. The thing is, how good you look in a swimsuit has a lot to do with the swimsuit. The right one can hide a multitude of sins, the wrong one just accentuates them all. If you are yet to buy your bikini or swimsuit, then help is at hand as Melissa Odabash, one of the world’s most celebrated swimwear designers and woman who knows everything there is to know about swimwear has given us her essential tips on how to buy for the beach. Don’t shop until you’ve read this….

What should women look for when buying a bikini or swimsuit?

First of all, make sure you have had a fake tan – it makes trying on bikinis a much better experience! And then when you are looking for a swimsuit to suit your shape remember you do not always need to go for more coverage. Choosing a smaller style brief will in turn draw your attention to that rather than your size. Also, if you are looking to increase the size of your bust, moulded cups or ruching will help add volume, particularly our style ‘Martinqiue’

Are there any bikini/swimsuit no-no’s?

Saggy briefs are the worst – make sure they fit properly!

Martinique bikini, £xx, Odabash

Martinique bikini, £86 top, £86 bottoms, Odabash

What are the swimwear trends for summer 2014?

There is a clear movement towards sports inspired swimwear – clean finishes and bright colours are definitely a clear trend this year!

I’ve just had a baby and am conscious of my tummy, what do you recommend I wear?

Ruched panelling is a great way to hide any vulnerabilities – any lumps or bumps that you might be worried about.

What’s sexier a bikini or a swimsuit?

It depends on your body shape. If you have a very proportioned hourglass shape then of course a bikini it will be very sexy. But I have always loved a swimsuit no matter what age you are.

How old is too old to wear a bikini?

I don’t think there is an age. If you feel great in a bikini or swimsuit you should wear it!

Robyn kaftan, £xx, Odabash

Robyn kaftan, £290, Odabash

What are your top 5 beach essentials (other than a great swimsuit!) 

  • A hat is a must. The panama I designed for One & Only is a great too addition to any beach look
  • I love a white kaftan, it’s so easy to accessorize.
  • A great pair of Raybans
  • Phyto Plage to take care of my hair on the beach
  • Biotherme sunblock. I am all about sun protection

You’ve created a hat for One & Only, where is your favourite O&O resort?

I love Reethi Rah in the Maldives. The location is just stunning and the beaches are to die for! 
I am also keen to visit O&O Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Melissa Show Room

IMAGE: Hillary Rhoda/Vogue Espana

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