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I have to share this wonderful poster, which I discovered this weekend (when I tackled the hideous yet curiously satisfying task of tidying up the cupboard under the stairs). My friend, the cookery writer, food editor and garden obsessive, David Herbert (His Complete Perfect Recipes is the handiest dandiest book to have in your kitchen), gave it to me to give to my husband.

Now, my husband is a man of many wonderful parts, but cooking is not one of them. Yet. He does a mean sausages and mash with onion gravy and is the master of eggs in this house, but it’s fair to say his repertoire is not extensive.

This wonderful cooking chart poster, by Cressida Bell (buy it here for £10, there’s also a vegetarian version) was designed with students in mind, but would suit anyone who wants to make fresh, delicious, easy meals every day (or even every so often…). Plus it would look fab on your kitchen wall.

Image: Cressida Bell

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