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How to…throw a children’s Christmas party by Sharky & George

It’s Christmas. You might be so fuelled by festive spirit (not to mention eggnog – although, really does anyone actually drink that?) that you’ve decided to throw a party at which small people might attend. You might have a Very Important Birthday coming up for which a party is essential. Or you might be at a loose end over the holidays and decide that a last-minute party is the only way of entertaining your children and keeping yourself sane….

If you are thinking of throwing a children’s party (for adult parties see here for Natasha’s indispensable guide) – for Christmas or indeed anytime – then help is at hand from none other than Sharky & George – the undisputed kings of the small person party scene.

Sharky & George in action

Sharky & George in action

Having organised hundreds of parties for the likes of Kirstie Allsopp, Holly Willoughby and Bear Grylls, the boys (Charlie ‘Sharky’ Astor and George Whitefield) are experts when it comes to having fun. Here are their tops tips on how to throw a children’s party..

  1. Weather: rain does not stop play.  Dress the children in waterproofs and get on with it.
  2. Theme: this should be whatever your child is into, be it dinosaurs, fairies or Power Rangers.
  3. Food: strictly speaking it should have an element of health to it but junk food definitely has a place at a children’s party.
  4. Party bags: give everyone sweets and one present worth keeping, such as a water bomb or plant pot, rather than lots of tatt.
  5. Cake: a home-made cake always tastes better.  If you’re not confident keep it simple – particularly when it comes to the icing
  6. Balloons: you can never have enough helium balloons (it takes about 4,500 average sized helium balloons for a child to achieve lift-off).
  7. The Format: don’t expect children to sit through a performance; keep them involved with games, treasure hunts, tug of wars, cooking, competitions and artistic creations.
  8. Grown-ups: keep them out of sight.

And, as part of our Fabulous Festive Fortnight, we are giving away a copy of Sharky & George’s book Don’t you Dare, which is the perfect Christmas present for children (aged 7 and up) who love games, practical jokes, fun and japes (and which child doesn’t?)


To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize – a copy of Don’t you Dare by Sharky & George– then please email us at [email protected] with Sharky & George Competition in the subject box.

And, if you’d like to double or even triple your chance of winning, then please head to our Facebook page and share this post and/or head to Twitter and tweet about our Sharky & George competition.

Good luck!

The competition closes at 6pm on Thursday 19th December. Winner picked at random. One extra entry for anyone who shares this post on Facebook. One extra entry for anyone who tweets about the competition.

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