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A few weeks ago, Camille, a chic French party planner and founder of A Little Party Box, a fab company specialising in gorgeous themed party boxes gave us 5 great tips on how to throw a children’s party. Not ones to let the kids have all the fun, we wanted in on the action, so we asked her back to tell us how to throw the perfect grown-up party. From flowers to music, she told us exactly how she’d do it….



Create an uplifting festive atmosphere with candles and flowers that you can spread everywhere; on a mantelpiece, the path to the dining area, on tables, and even in the loo. When your guests are about to leave, you can offer them little flower bouquets as party favours!


As soon as your guests arrive, serve them a glass of bubbly or a cocktail, it will put them straight in the mood to party.


A good playlist is key to a good party so make sure you prepare it in advance. You can start with some easy listening like Nina Simone or Barry White and then spice it up later with some dancing music; the 3 Bs : Blondie, Bowie and the Beatles are always a big hit. And if you have a turntable it’s even better!


When guests are seated at the table, put a little rolled paper with a riddle inside about one of the other guests describing a quality or a positive attribute of that person and let them guess who it is. Another ice breaker is to surprise your guests with inventive table deco, you can either put some candles in a birdcage or mix flowers with a bouquet of herbs like basil or rosemary. Make your children write the menu and why not use some personalised biscuits with the name of your guests as place cards?


Invite your guests to use your polaroid camera to take pictures, organise a Photo Booth with props like hats or wigs, display some party favours to pick up at the end of the party, spread some flowers or confetti on the tables but also on the floor, anything that adds fun to the evening !

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