Life, Shoots, and Our Top Picks from hush’s autumn collection

Oh, hi! It’s us – reunited at last in between half terms, moving house (into a major project), running a business, running a family, trying to write a book – you know, the usual madness. But against all the odds, we fitted in a half day shoot last week – which included shooting our favourite looks from the hush autumn collection.

Alex wears: Blue jumper; Meryl over-sized jumper with velour skirt and burgundy boots. Natasha wears: Lilac knit and black dungarees and this skirt is very similar.

I won’t lie: there are moments when we think ‘Is there really any point?’ Do people still read blogs? Will Instagram hoist itself by its own petard thanks to the dastardly algorithm which encourages spend rather than creativity? Etc. But then I remember:  we love writing. We love discovering and sharing things. And, err, no one asked us to do this, we chose to. And we really love a good old shoot day together.

Our shoot this week was speedy (I was aiming to be back for school pick-and would have made it had my train not been cancelled). It was riddled with technical hitches (Alex’s phone had no signal so she couldn’t make/receive calls/texts so we nearly didn’t find each other.) The light was bad and the skies ominous. But it was so much fun. We laughed a lot – as nice as it is when everything goes right, there’s nothing like a picture of the two of you looking like the Chuckle Brothers to lift the spirits.

(I can’t be sure, but I suspect Annie Leibovitz never thinks like this.)

We also shot some great clothes – including the our picks from the hush autumn collection. (In the interest of full transparency, hush allowed us to select some pieces to shoot. This was entirely our choice – and the styling and images are our own.) I fell in love with this lilac jumper (shades of Ganni, right?) immediately – it’s such a cosy, pretty knit and those sleeves… On the site, they’ve styled it with this glorious silver sequin skirt which manages to achieve a rare feat for a party outfit: warm and sparkly. But it’s also very happy with this season’s penchant for leather, tucked into high-waist trousers or a skirt and, of course, with jeans.

You know how I feel about dungarees, already. Combine this with corduroy – a fabric which imbues me with misty-eyed nostalgia for my childhood. I recall a pair of green dungarees which I failed to appreciate at the time – and you’re onto a winner. I love these black corduroy dungarees. I’ve been faffing around with them at home, and they look great with a pretty blouse, too, should you find yourself reluctant to change out of them, but need to look slightly smarter. (For more corduroy please see this a-line skirt which is currently on sale: bonus.)

Alex was also lured in by the call of the bold knit. Possibly because there’s something irresistibly cheering about reaching for a bright knit on one of the many dreary grey mornings we seem to be having thus far this autumn. Don’t get us wrong – we love a classic grey/navy/black jumper as much as the next woman, but there’s something joyous about wearing colour. It really lifts you as the summer tan fades. I believe I may even have uttered the phrase, ‘It really brings out the colour of your eyes’ to Alex  – for all the world like I was either her maiden aunt or trying to seduce her. This blue fluffy sweater works happily with these season’s leather trousers (a looser version of the classic leather leggings). Sure, they’re an investment, but something you’ll wear year after year.

We tend to turn to hush for long-lasting, well-made classics with an on-trend twist. After the shoot, we pulled together an edit of our favourite pieces, all the while bearing in mind the maxim of buying less, but better – investing thoughtfully to plug the gaps in our wardrobes. Whether that’s a classic black coat  or a tuxedo jacket  (in velvet for added effect) which you can throw over just about anything and make it feel suitable for evening – but can I ask that you try this slinky slip dress worn with a cashmere roll neck because I dream of having the occasion to dress up like this. I’m going to a Halloween party soon, but I doubt it’ll work for my chosen outfit (Wednesday Addams with my husband as Pugsley). See also leather – from the above trousers to this to-die-for leather jacket. It’s also our go-to for statement knits – whilst my heart belongs to my lilac fluffy knit, I cannot deny my eye is caught by this vivid, kitten-soft neon pink cashmere jumper, a new take on zebra, the electric blue take on leopard print and the prettiest pink pointelle knit (both in the sale btw).

Tempted? Let us know – especially if you suddently find your spirits unaccountably lifted and discover it’s down to one of these power knits…

1. Blue fluffy jumper, £110; 2. Lilac knitted top, £110; 3. Pink pointelle jumper,  now £104.25; 4. Astrid coat, £170; 5. Neon pink cashmere sweater, £135; 6. Ruffle blouse, £69; 7. Tux jacket, £89; 8. Fluffy zebra jumper, £125; 9. Leather jacket, £295, 10. sleeve jumper, £125; 11. Knitted midi dress, now £63.75; 12. Leopard jumper, now £93.75; 13. Satin slip, £59; 14. Faux fur coat, £220; 15. Velvet blazer, £129; 16. Cashmere roll neck, £195; 17.Esme velour skirt, £65; 18. Coated jeans, £79; 19. Leather mini-skirt, £170; 20. Burgundy Audley boots, £189; 21. Roslin biker boots, £230; 22. Red floral Pleat skirt, £69; 23. Silver sequin skirt, £89; 24. Denim boiler suit, £99; 25. Malton trainers, £145; 26. Leather leggings, £345; 27. Electric blue Cliveden boots, £185




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