In Defence of the Mum Coat


My name is Natasha and I own a mum coat.

This weekend, I noticed this Facebook post from a very cool, stylish journalist and new mama: ‘I have bought a ‘mum coat’. And I love it!’

The term mum coat was coined here by the brilliant Molly Gunn of Selfish Mother. Defining characteristics? Waterproof; neutral dark colour; hooded. Natural habitat: the playground; the school run; your local high street. Worn by: women like you.

The thing is, the much-maligned mum coat is actually – whisper it – incredibly useful. Have you tried holding an umbrella whilst pushing a buggy and attempting to corral a toddler/schoolchild who is impervious to the rain/the fact that you’re running late? Tricky. Remove the umbrella from the equation and one vital hand is freed. This is why I have a mum coat: I flipping love the hood factor.

Bonus: said coat need not be frumpy or boring. Some of the most stylish women I know (flagging it up here: not all of them are mothers) rock a great mum coat.

So wear your mum coat, I say. And do it with pride.


da42ab42206462c9d54a49be109a04d9See? This need not be a style-free zone. Laura Fantacci of Wearing it Today and cool new shopping zine, Wardrobe Icons told us that “a stylish and practical coat” was one of her mama wardrobe essentials (read her My Uniform here).  Hey, even girl of the moment Cara Delevigne rocks one (above). It’s £98 from good old Toppers, btw. And I also like this short and chic padded jacket in navy.

And check out Olivia Palermo (one of my faves, as you know) looking cosy and chic.


Just for you, a few of our favourites…

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Feather down hooded coat, £89.99, Mango; Faux shearling lined parka in khaki or black, £109.99, Mango

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Parka with detachable faux Artic fur lining and hood, £80, Asos; Premium duffle coat, £90, Asos

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Faux fur trim down puffa, £89.95, Gap; Parka, £170, Hush

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Parka, £264, Maison Scotch at Atterley Road; Hooded leather sleeved cotton coat, £225, DKNY at The Outnet

If you want something which errs on the cosier side (and are willing to forgo the waterproof factor), let me recommend this coat from Topshop (which I have mentioned before, and promptly purchased). I also like the look of these:

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Check wool duffle coat, £89, Topshop; Wool duffle with furhood, £159, Zara (also in black – and cream for the brave/foolhardy/child-free woman who does not have to brave public transport en route to work.)

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    Dorothy Camper
    October 29, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Who doesn’t love a mum coat? Couldn’t be without mine! Fab picks here and great inspiration too. Lynne x

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