The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third baby. Here’s what Kate needs to know…

Congratulations Kate! The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant – and baby number three is on its way – cue much flag-waving, gender guessing and Royal bump watching as the nation – well, the Daily Mail – starts the baby countdown. Has Kate been holding one too many newborns? Did she decide that three wasn’t going to be a crowd? Could it have been a right Royal accident? While I have none of the answers to the above, we do have a little insight into what it’s like to welcome a third little person into the world and how different baby no. 3 will be to baby no. 1. If you’re not (morning) sick to the gills of baby chat, read on!


Counting the Days

Baby 1: You’ve done 25 pregnancy tests. You know how pregnant you are by the day (perhaps even the hour). Every new week is another milestone that you are on top of! You have signed up to one of those online pregnancy milestone emails and know almost by the day how your little one is developing. You are the Pregnancy Queen.

Baby 2: You know how pregnant you are by the week, although it starts going a little hazy after the 20 week scan. You also look a little more pregnant a little earlier than last time. Damn it, you wished you’d been doing sit ups.

Baby 3: Hmmm how many weeks am I now? I think it’s going to be born in Spring next year? Is that right?

Your Life

Baby 1: You spend your entire pregnancy looking after yourself. You book a pregnancy massage, sleep as much as possible, read baby books, plan lovely date nights out. You’re told to go to the cinema a lot, despite it being very uncomfortable to do so. You take all those expensive vitamins, avoid all those banned foods, eat organic, because ‘baby deserves the best’! You do everything by the book and some. You have this pregnancy thing nailed!

Baby 2: You spend your entire pregnancy looking after your other child. Daytime naps? What are they? Put your feet up? No chance. You’ll be in the park all the time! You buy the vitamins, but you’ll forget to take them every day. You’ll try and abstain from all that seafood and cheese, but ooh just one goats cheese salad won’t hurt will it?

Baby 3: Vitamins. Not even bought. Food avoided? Only if you remember. Sleep. What the hell is sleep? Put your feet up? ARE YOU INSANE?*

*We’re assuming Kate won’t have this problem.

Looking Good

Baby 1: You begin idly browsing maternity wear online as soon as you see that magic line. Then after 12 weeks, you will shop ’til you drop – maternity jeans, dresses, pjs. It’s a whole new shopping world to discover! Even though you don’t start to show until 16 weeks. You have time to do your hair, paint your nails, you are one hot mama.

Baby 2: A little less time and a little less money mean it’s back into the old favourites (maternity jeans probably by 10 weeks). With a baby and bump to look after, the hair isn’t so done, the nails aren’t so painted, but you’re looking surprisingly ok this time around – even if you feel like death.

Baby 3: Shopping for maternity wear? Are you insane? You won’t be wasting money on that rubbish. Yes, your favourite jumper might end up with a rather saggy middle, but you’ll be hoiking it over your bump nonetheless. Your maternity jeans? You haven’t taken them off for the last two years. And your hair? Yup, it’s falling out again. Nice.


Baby 1: You’ve been thinking about this from day 1. Books have been read, names have been mulled over, lists have been made. The perfect name is going to take time!

Baby 2: After a name or two has popped into your head, you shelve it for a while until perhaps a couple of weeks before birth you pick up that old baby naming book and start thinking about it. It only takes you a few weeks after the newbie arrives to settle on a name.

Baby 3: Six weeks! We have to register the birth after six weeks??!! What on earth do we call him/her? You ask the siblings what you think you should call it. You seriously consider ‘Cutie Pie’ or ‘Harry Styles’ and even wonder if it would be oh so very wrong just to stick with ‘Baby’?

The Nursery

Baby 1: You look at colour schemes and charts, you spend every waking moment on Pinterest, you drool over designer nurseries on Instagram. This is going to be the most beautiful room in the house. You safety-proof everything. No cupboard is left un safety-catched, no socket is left unprotected. You even cut the tags out of the baby clothes, having washed them twice to make sure they’re clean enough for your little darling.

Baby 2: You’re not quite so fevered. You don’t make quite as much effort, you might paint the room and stick up a few wall stickers. You bring out the old baby toys as you know they’ll do. Your toddler has pulled out all the plug protectors, so you don’t replace them. You wash your old babygrows and decide you don’t need anything new.

Baby 3: You move the moses basket back into your bedroom. Hello nursery! The old baby grows are out again. No-one’s going to notice there’s holes in all the toes, right?

The Baby

Baby 1: So good, SUCH a genius (obviously the most clever baby ever), so spoiled with presents and attention. Takes a while to sleep through as you can’t stand to hear him/her cry. As a first-born they’ll be the best behaved, but also a worrier.

Baby 2: Not quite as spoiled, number two isn’t as much of a novelty, but he/she still gets lots of gifts! Everyone thinks this will be your last, so they don’t mind buying you a present. More laid-back than number one, you let them cry for longer at night. Amazingly, you’ve figured out it’s not going to kill them.

Baby 3: Bless little number three! People are getting bored of you now. Yes, you can procreate – we get it – so the presents and attention are less. Even you’re not so bothered. But Baby number three wants you to be bothered! So after a period of being The Best Baby Ever (you’re made of tougher stuff now, you know how to deal with crying), they turn into a cheeky monkey who pushes boundaries and is desperate to do whatever the eldest two are doing. If you’re wondering which of the Royal babies will be the ‘Harry’ of the bunch. I’m betting on this one!

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